Spa Maintenance Kit


Keep your hot tub in pristine condition with the Jacuzzi Spa Maintenance Kit and save money by buying all you need in one complete cleaning pack. Our Spa Maintenance Kit includes:

  • Cover wipes
  • Spa brush
  • Supa vac
  • Waterline cleaning mitt
  • Spa scoop skimmer net
  • Floating Scum sponge
Reviews for Spa Maintenance Kit
5 out of 5, based on 2 reviews
Will from UK on Jun 16, 2015
Very handy little pack, gives you all the essentials to help keep your hot tub clean. Would recommend this as the ideal starter pack.
Jacqueline from Maidstone on Jun 27, 2014
After my son had some friends round they left dirt and grit at the bottom of our hot tub - This little beauty has got rid of the lot - a must purchase for anyone who has just got a tub as there is everything you will need included at a really fab price.