10 Stress Busting Tips

Stress busting tips

Modern life is full of stress and its often hard finding the best way for you to unwind. We’ve shared our top 10 favourites with you.

Be Outdoors

Spend some time outdoors soaking up the local scenery, the greener the better. Why not bring along a friend or your dog to accompany you? The fresh and crisp British air – though we may complain – helps us relax and detach everyday stresses, especially if you’re surrounded with plenty of nature.

Treat Yourself To The Spa.

If you’re wanting a relaxation method that relieves the tension, a massage is the perfect way to destress. Regular massages are recommended to stay on top of knotted muscles. Why not make a day out of it? Take yourself and a friend along to a spa for a well-deserved relaxing day.

Relax In A Hot Tub!

Relax in a hot tub

Did you know? Hot tubs are proven to alleviate stress. Research has discovered that spending regular quality time in hot tubs actually helps de-stress you. Here’s just a few ways:

  • Hydromassage – relaxes knotted muscles
  • The movement and swirling of water along with the warmth and the soft colours (of what) can lead to a relaxed state of mind
  • Endorphins are released in the brain and reduce stress

Listen To Your Favourite Playlists.

Music has a soothing power on both the body and mind. Listening to the right genre such as low-tempo music can quieten your mind and relax muscles or even your all-time favourites can help to de-stress you.

Book A Holiday!

Holiday park hot tub

We would all like to go on a holiday any time we feel remotely stressed. It sounds ideal, but it doesn’t have to be a trip away to sunny sands. Why not book something more local and that perhaps wont blow the bank! By having a break and detaching yourself from your daily worries can significantly help to reduce stress.


Whether it’s with a friend or your pet, exercise is essential to a healthy state of mind. When you exercise, your brain produces endorphins which in turn help alleviate stress and actually help you have a better night’s sleep.

Take Up A New Hobby.

Journaling, sports, knitting, colouring, gardening, baking and reading are just a few popular hobbies. Whether it’s a new or old hobby, discovering something you enjoy doing in your spare time significantly helps to reduce stress. Hobbies help to distract you from daily worries and stresses, doing something you love makes you happier in general.

Spend Quality Time With Friends And Family.

Spending time with loved one is a simple trick to reduce stress. Surrounding yourself with the people you love most helps lift your mood and is bound to make you laugh and smile.

Surround Yourself With Pets.

De-stress with pets

If you’re wanting a companion that will always be there for comfort and that won’t answer back, a pet is the perfect option! Pets are proven to reduce stress: they inspire us to get out and exercise, they make us feel less lonely and on a whole they just make us happy.

Chew Chewing Gum!

Our final tip is probably an unexpected one, but chewing gum is a really good way to immediately reduce stress. Research has shown that chewing gum helps reduce anxiety, improves alertness, reduces stress and it is said to improve performance too. So, when you’re looking for an instant way to relieve a little stress, chew gum!

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