Can a hot tub be beneficial to weight loss?

With the stress of every-day life often eating away at our time and health habits, it is no surprise that we feel constantly burnt out. The idea of a vigorous cardio session after an already tiresome day is the last of our priorities when we are aiming to reduce weight. But how about if we told you that it’s possible to burn around one calorie per minute without lifting a muscle?

Rumour has it that it’s possible, hot tubs are good for weight loss and here’s what we’ve found out about floating to prevent bloating.
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Change your habitat, not your habits

Growing studies have highlighted a correlation between the spike in blood-pressure and the recent pandemic, indicating just how much our health has been affected beyond our control.

As we know, it isn’t easy balancing business with pleasure or home-schooling with home-comforts, leaving limited or no time for a satisfying soak.  

As a result, our home-lives have become a tactile environment we love to hate. It is no surprise that national organisations, such as the NHS, are dedicating the entire year to practising self-care.

woman laying down with cucumber on her eyes

Listening to podcasts or introducing a simple soaking session to our daily routine can improve our overall health, Experts also suggest, introducing a peaceful approach to weight loss, we can reduce health implications caused by ‘over doing it’. We believe this is more achievable than heavy workout regimes as we would much rather make the time to succumb to a pamper session than a PT session.

Therefore, by working the muscles in a different way sleep will still be elevated, setting you up for a better tomorrow.

Proof in the pudding

Beyond the obvious perks of rest and relaxation, research suggests hydrotherapy, caused by the motion of your hot tub water, can contribute to weight loss.
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Dr Steve Faulkner’s study conducted at Loughborough University found that 14 men lost the equivalent of 140 calories (the equivalent to a small slice of cake) after just one hour’s soak. He also elaborates on the anti-inflammatory benefits connected with the hot tub, making this therapeutic take on weight loss a no brainer.

The temperature of your hot tub water is proven to reduce blood-sugar levels, and the waves of the water encourages our hard-working limbs to reach optimal recovery. If you struggle with an illness such as Arthritis, heavy muscle strain or general joint pain; consistent stints in your hot tub will ensure relief from tears and injury.

Actress Rebel Wilson has dropped an incredible amount of weight using the Mayr Method, but she’s also lost thousands of pounds consuming smoothies and soaking in sauna’s in the Austrian alps. Don’t break the bank with regular visits to the spa like Rebel, instead, create your own secret escape at home and discover the hot tub benefits for weight loss. 

A hot tub provides both positive and powerful vibrations that evidently ease those sore muscles and pressing thoughts no matter what the cause.

Managing your mind 

Like Wilson, Karlie Kloss has recently shared that the secret to shedding weight and gaining mindfulness is practically by associating wash routines with health.

Insider.com declares that stars have spent thousands detoxifying themselves physically and mentally by enduring fancy spa routines. Though, unlike many famous faces, you don’t need to cut back on the calories.

Hot tubs can be great way to help improve the quality of your sleep, which in turn can help with weight loss. After a deep night’s sleep you may consume less than 300 calories, all because you have more energy to combat day-to-day tasks – amazing huh!?

The beneficial factors related to these techniques fall to the ultimate temperature reached by a hot tub. Check out our blog post to discover more information on how your hot tub can improve your sleep here.

a group of friends sat in a hot tub smiling

Sitting back and soaking-your-self-skinny doesn’t only leave room for extra calories, but also time to share with a loved one. 

Diary schedules make it difficult to catch up with friends and family, although if you knew you could burn a few pounds whilst putting the world to rights, it wouldn’t be so hard to make the time.

Who said you can’t mix business with pleasure?

If you find managing your time the biggest task, you may be better putting a plan in place at home to improve your over-all mental wellbeing. As the average person spends around 463 minutes of their day on work, education, or other un-paid arrangements, life leaves little room for anything else.

For more advice on how to help your mental health, discover our stress busting tips here.

Getting in-touch with the outside, for the inside

Not including eating, drinking, or sleeping, a study suggests you probably only spend 58 minutes on personal care and 47 minutes seeing friends. This shows definitively how a decline in our wellbeing may form and why it’s so important to take time for not only ourselves, but those closest to us too.

Welcoming a specialist into your backyard is advisable to discuss what product would work best for you and your desires, though the end goal is universal. By purchasing your very own outdoor hot tub you’ll receive VIP access to your own spa-like amenities and reap the benefits at your own leisure.

outdoor living hot tub in a leafy backyard

Though arguably affective, high-end diet fads are nothing but dramatized methods that can be found easily within our own home with a healthy diet and traditional spa therapies.

There’s a number of hot tub health benefits and weight loss can be one of them. The perks of hydrotherapy are endless and our no-nonsense approach captivates the beauty of nature, utilising your own back-yard space through the means of jet-driven healing.

For more information on why hydrotherapy can be a godsend, check out our blog post on the hot tub health benefits here.
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