10 Hot Tub Myths Busted

Myth vs Truth

There are many rumours and myths about hot tubs and using them which can make you question if one is right for you. Here at Outdoor Living we’ve put together this handy hot tub myth buster guide to help you distinguish fact from fiction and put you on the path to owning your on hot tub!

1.      Chlorine makes yours eyes sting

Chlorine itself does not cause your eyes to sting when you’re in the hot tub, this is more likely caused by an incorrect pH or low sanitiser level.

If the pH in your hot tub is not balanced the water can become either too acidic or alkali, which will result in stinging eyes.

Another cause can be bacteria from other bathers which is not being killed by the sanitiser, this suggests poor sanitation due to the chlorine level being too low.

If you are suffering from stinging eyes when you use your hot tub, test your water to make sure the pH and sanitiser levels are correct.

Hot Tub in Gazebo

2.      You should only use a hot tub in summer

You can use a hot tub all year round! When you use your hot tub is down to personal preference, whether you want to warm up in winter or simply relax in the summer, there’s nothing stopping you from using your hot tub all 12 months of the year.

As hot tubs are insulated they hold their temperature no matter the weather, so it will be the same in both summer and winter, come rain or sunshine. To help combat the “good old English weather” you can always cover your hot tub with an outdoor enclosure or gazebo and enjoy your hot tub even in the rain.

3.      You need to change the water after every use

No! - All our hot tubs have a complete filtration system to ensure the water is continually filtered, combined with the use of a good quality sanitiser such as chlorine they keep the water clean. Water is a living entity and will eventually become saturated with the chemicals and bodily fluids added to the water and so you should change the water at least every 3 months (dependant on usage).

4.      You should turn the hot tub off when not in use

Turning off your hot tub will stop the filtration system working and prevent the water from remaining at the recommended temperature. As a result, the hot tub will need to work much harder when it is turned back on, increasing the running costs. Hot tubs are very well insulated enabling them to maintain a constant temperature whilst ensuring running costs are low.

5.      Hot tubs take a lot of maintenance

Maintenance can depend on the amount you use your hot tub, the more often you use it, the more you will need to do to keep the water balanced and clean.

Our recommended maintenance routines have a daily, weekly and quarterly schedule to help you keep your hot tub in tip top condition:

6.      Buying a more expensive hot tub means better quality…

Hot Tub on Decking in Garden

Not necessarily. Whilst there are several ranges of hot tub in a brands range the price can vary from one dealer to the next. In the UK, hot tub dealers generally sell around 50-100 hot tubs a year and smaller dealers may sell 30-50, therefore they will look to maximise the sale price. Larger dealers will often be able to give you a better price as they sell more hot tubs a year and may also be an exclusive dealer for that brand of hot tub.

At Outdoor Living, we sell over 400 hot tubs a year, which has increased year on year. We are the sole dealer for Jacuzzi® hot tub for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

We also buy our hot tub in bulk meaning we can give our customers some amazing prices, making the hot tub of their dreams a reality. With Outdoor Living not only can you feel safe about the price we are charging but also the high-quality customer service that comes with buying a hot tub from a quality dealer.

Plus, don’t forget, all our hot tub prices include; cover & locks, steps, chemical starter kit, site survey, and delivery & installation to your electrical supply and base.

7.      Hot tubs need plumbing

Except for our professional range, all our hot tubs house all the equipment needed within its cabinet and shell, all you need is a garden hose.

To empty your hot tub, you can either use the built-in gravity drain which is located at the bottom of the hot tub or behind the paneling or you can use a submersible pump to remove the water.

8.      More jets, better experience & relaxation

In most cases, no. It’s not the number of jets that matter, it is the way in which the jets distribute the water. Some dealers will use the number of jets to sell more expensive hot tubs, however, we pride ourselves on selling the right hot tub to a customer based on needs, not price.

When looking at a hot tub, look at the number of jets AND the number of pumps. For a hot tub with 100 jets and 1 pump, they would provide less power than one with 50 jets and one pump as the power is distributed between all the jets.

The key to choosing the right hot tub is to look for quality over quantity!

The Jacuzzi® branded hot tubs have patented PowerPro™ Jets which use a low pressure, high volume system to give your muscles a precision massage, which is specially targeted to key muscles groups. It is the exclusive technologies and innovative design beneath the water and inside the shell that set unprecedented levels of enjoyment.

ClearRay Bulb

9.      Self-cleaning hot tubs are the best

A “self-cleaning” hot tub is basically a marketing gimmick. Ask the salesperson to define exactly what this means and how it differs from other brands. Jacuzzi® hot tubs have a patented ClearRay™ Technology system which uses a UV bulb to kill 99.9% of the bacteria in your water. Other hot tub brands may use an Ozonator which does a similar thing, but 'all' hot tubs are self-cleaning.

As with any hot tub, you will still need to use a sanitiser (such as chlorine) and spend the same time maintaining it, such as hosing down your filters every week and wiping any potential scum marks off the shell of your hot tub.

10.  Hot tubs are insulated so I don’t need a cover

This is definitely not the case! Heat rises, which is why most heat loss from a hot tub is from the top. A good quality hot tub cover is essential to keeping down your running costs and making sure your hot tub is protected from the elements, even if it is under a gazebo.

The type of insulation a hot tub has also needs to be considered. Some believe a foam insulated hot tub is a better investment and will have lower running costs, however if a part needs replacing an engineer would need to cut away the foam insulation to access the required part, once its fixed you will never get that insulation back.

Jacuzzi® has created the special Trifusion™ shell, that is a tri-layer acrylic, vinylester vapour barrier, and resin composite combined together, making the hot tub shell that guarantees both energy saving and solidity of structure. In addition to 3-layer insulation, Jacuzzi® has also added SmartSeal™. Ideal for cold climates, this system also reduces noise and prevents the formation of mold and moisture. With SmartSeal™ you save approximately 25% on your bills when compared to other hot tubs.


There are many hot tub myths out there and we hope we’ve cleared a few of them up for you! To help you further you can read our article - What to consider when buying a hot tub.

Alternatively, have a look at our electrical guidelines for hot tubs to know what your electrician needs to prepare prior to our arrival.

Ready to begin the search for a hot tub? View all our ranges online to find the hot tub of your dreams and make it a reality with Outdoor Living.

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