Hot tub tunes: Creating a playlist for your hot tub

We all know that brain fog feeling when it’s your turn to pick a song. There’s no pressure like it, especially when you have guests that share a variety of music tastes. Well, we believe the only pressure you should be feeling is from the bubbles, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

We’ve pulled together the best tips for creating a hot tub playlist this year, from relaxing music to disco dance party vibes – music is beneficial for the impact of our mood.

Pluck out your favourites and put them into a playlist, throw some hot tub accessories and games in the mix and become the host with the most this summer!

The people’s playlist

Let’s kick things off with a universal winner, the people’s playlist, one for friends and family of all ages.

You need a perfect playlist for Saturday daytime that can transition long into the evening.

Add a handful of new and old pop songs into the mix and everyone will be caught singing along.  Pop music is known to release positive emotions that you can’t help but dance along too and in turn, burn a few extra calories whilst having fun.

people listening to music from phone laughing

This playlist wants to include everything from the latest pop hits, such as ‘Friday’ by Nightcrawlers or ‘Little Bit of Love’ by Tom Grennan, to those timeless classics such as ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ by Whitney Houston.

You can simply create this playlist by asking everyone in your group to name their favourite song of all time and even do a quick Google search on trending songs throughout the decades. Make sure your hot tub speakers are in fine tune and get this playlist at the ready.

Our top picks include:

  • Rolling in the Deep – Adele
  • Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  • Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepson
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars
  • No Scrubs - TLC

The Sunday soak  

Sundays are all about enjoying some ‘me time’, to rest and recuperate before the week ahead. What better way to wind down and relax than in your hot tub with some soulful tunes!? therapeutic playlist.

Make sure your Sunday soaking session isn’t interrupted with a hot tub that has built in speakers such as the bestselling Jacuzzi® J235™ and J235IP™ equipped with a booming Bluetooth® speaker and four speakers for an aux cable.

Save yourself some time and just search a pre-made playlist on Spotify. Just type in Sunday playlist on Spotify and add your favourite songs to create your own.

By choosing jazz or soul music, your mind will follow its sound waves by producing stimulating energies of its own to uplift your mood.

morning breakfast with fruit and cereal

Alternatively, why not make a game out of it? Put together your own playlist and include songs with titles or artists relating to ‘Sunday’. Ask your guests to guess the title track or artist and see what Sunday combinations they come up with as you listen.  

We’re thinking ‘Sunday Morning Call’ by Oasis, ‘Sunday Morning’ by Maroon 5 and ‘Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon’ by Queen.  
Our top picks include:

  • Purple Rain – Prince
  • Killing Me Softly with His Song – The Fugees
  • Islands in the Stream – Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton
  • Be Myself – Why Don’t We
  • Retro Moments for Fresh Roasted Coffee – Playlist by Spotify

Relaxing hot tub music 

Don’t let a jumpy song choice ruin your serenity, make sure you have a relaxing playlist at hand for those relaxing soaks. Using a hot tub with a lounger built in will not only elevate your neck ensuring you don’t ache but guarantee universal comfort for your company.

Though our hot tubs are made with soft pillows and sturdy headrests that can even provide the best head massage, you may want to ensure you replace them every 2-3 years if they are looking a little worse for wear to accentuate the quality of your hot tub.

Picture this, the cosy warmth of your water, a gazebo covered in fairy lights over your head and the soft musings of Otis Reading serenading you from the tub’s built in speakers... bliss.

hand wearing a watch with a coffee cup and book

Fill your relaxing hot tub playlist with the soothing sounds of UB40, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and Lewis Capaldi to cover all bases of relaxation. If you want to really dive deep and submerge yourself fully in the music, pick instrumental music such as classic Mozart or one created on YouTube.

Trickle in some specialised essential oils and soak up some aromatherapy and even make a romantic evening out of it.

The Top master’s in healthcare identify many health benefits of listening to relaxing music that align with that of hydrotherapy. From lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system to potentially reducing chronic pain.

Our top picks include:

  • Symphony No.5: 4th movement – Franz Shubert
  • Strawberry Swing – Coldplay
  • Soothing – Relaxing Spa Music
  • Mellomaniac – Roger Shah
  • Someone Like You – Adele

The disco dance party

Before you get your party playlist perfected you need to set the tone. Grab some
For a hot tub designed for a proper party, the Jacuzzi® J335IP™ shows off an incredible LED lighting system that even projects a rainbow coloured waterfall. Sit back in its lounge seat and control its tantalising features such as its various jets, massage features and mood lighting.

Lights, hot tub, action!

group dancing at a disco

Hot tubs with lights and music are a luxurious adaptation on the average garden party, allowing you to get creative with your song choices. Don’t leave out the classics though as every disco needs the likes of ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ by Toploader, ‘Hot Stuff’ by Donna Summer and ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce - the reigning champions of the hot tub playlist.

Our top picks include:

  • Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
  • Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
  • I Want It That Way – The Backstreet Boys
  • Love Shack – B-52’s
  • (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
outdoor living hot tub

Now you’re equipped with the best hot tub tunes there is to create the ultimate playlist, ditch the headphones and turn it up a notch by purchasing a hot tub with built in Bluetooth® speakers and controllable stereo system.

The Jacuzzi I® J315IP™ encompasses a Bluetooth® Stereo system that makes any playlist pop through its surround sound features that don’t disturb the quality of the music. With LED lighting and illuminated cup holders, it will take the limelight of any party.

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