How to enjoy quality family time in your hot tub

Life as we know it can be chaotic, busy, and exhausting, leaving no time for rest or relaxation with the ones we love. Even making space in our schedules for self-care can be hard, so can making plans with friends and family.

The multi-functional benefits of a Jacuzzi® swim spa or hot tub stretch from aiding weight loss to providing great aromatherapy. This article will give you all you need to know about getting the best use out of your family hot tub.

Family comes first

You will have already thought about how you are going to use your hot tub before you purchase, once it arrives you may find yourself extremely popular with close friends and family as they queue up to enjoy a relaxing soak.

Make sure you are fully prepared for everyone to enjoy the hot tub by having a regular maintenance schedule in place.

old man and woman smiling in a hot tub

Hot tubs with 5 to 6 seats are perfect for socialising with friends and of course ideal for a growing family!

Cater to all comforts and needs by briefly thinking about who will use your hot tub and what they’ll use it for:

The Younger Generation

The average family size is 2.4 so a 3 to 4 seater hot tub would be ideal, of course you need to consider the size of the space you want to place it in before committing to a purchase.

However, there is no harm in sizing up – more room equals more space for activities after all! Picking a family hot tub should be just that, a family decision, so gather the tribe and head out to a showroom where you can absorb the look and feel of the new addition.

There are age restrictions on using the hot tub however, we recommend nobody under 5-years goes for a soak due to health risks. For those that exceed the minimum age but are still young, consider turning down the temperature and using a booster seat to prevent both dunking or floating when enjoying the tub.

The Older Generation

For older family members, a hot tub benefits the family in both a practical and pleasurable way. With studies linking hydrotherapy with muscle and mind recovery, a good soak could aid arthritis and lower blood pressure 

Light exercises can be a fun way to get all the family involved too, making light circular movements with limbs and even training the abdominal area by leaning back and practicing deep breaths are all great forms to keep fit even for those with mobility issues.

Rekindle the spark with a spouse

Of course, family is at the heart of everything, but remember that your significant other stole your heart once! Ditch the shopping list convo, leave the dishes, and clear your diary for an evening soak together.

The benefits of your hot tub being outdoors means that nature is on your side when it comes to creating a peaceful environment, closing off what needs to be done in the home. You can submerge yourself under the stars, play soft music and listen to the nightlife as you chat away.

couple romantically relaxing in a hot tub

Making a habit of a hot tub date night will strengthen your relationship, allowing you and your partner quality time alone. Your family hot tub is best kept private so invest in a gorgeous cedar wood gazebo when enjoying a soak.

Shake up your evening by introducing water massages, water games, or even a boogie along to your favourite hot tub playlist and wrap up with matching Jacuzzi® robes when heading back indoors.

Make a day of it

People don’t realise how much screen time they consume in the modern day. From tweens, teens to the baby boomers – we just can’t get away from technology. The thought of a hot tub giving us a break from this is often overlooked, perhaps because it feels just as fun as playing a video game.

A hot tub is the perfect escape for 15-minutes of fun (or peace and quiet) for the whole family. BISHTA recommends that after 15-minutes you should jump out, re-hydrate and take a break until your next dip.

outdoor living lifestyle image of an outside table with drinks and flowers and a hot tub in the background

As the night draws in, you may want to consider your lighting situation. Although you have probably kitted out your setup with lights, why not add some playfulness. An underwater light show goes hand in hand with the benefits of having a hot tub. Simple yet effective, the flashing of colours underneath the bubbles leaves your guests transfixed.

Host a family gathering

Owning a hot tub gives you the perfect excuse to invite friends and family around – don’t let your hard work go to waste and show off your set up by playing host for a night. When the nights are getting lighter, and the days warmer, work and daily routines are no longer an excuse to cancel on your family members.

outdoor living lifestyle image of a hot tub in a garden with a canopy over

If you want to go the full mile, make your night one to remember (albeit vaguely) and splash out on this fancy wine cooler to keep your guests’ tipple icy-cold.

Be close for comfort

Though it is said that people feel their most vulnerable in a bathing suit, for an intimate, private affair in your own hot tub space; it is rather the opposite. Finding one-to-one time with another individual may feel like finding a needle in a haystack but not when you have a hot tub to turn to.

Whether it be a busy environment, a tight schedule, or a third person interrupting you – even if you see someone often, it doesn’t mean you will get to spend quality time with them. With a hot tub, you can cancel out any distractions, and instead, you can hone in on the conversation, from the comfort of your own home.

a family sitting down in the garden enjoying conversation

Spending time in the family hot tub is a great bond-building exercise for families that feel more like ships in the night.

You may have a teenager that spends more time in their room or on their phone than they do in the lounge, perhaps your children are active, and clubs take up a lot of their free time; whatever the situation, squish any awkward or shyness and be all ears for the night.

Reap the benefits the following day

It is no secret that the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub session include a good night’s sleep. This will go hand in hand when enjoying quality family time as you will feel well-rested and in turn have more energy to seize the day.

Your muscle tissues and ligaments will also feel looser as both the temperature and pressure of the hot tub aids recovery in your limbs. This will help you feel energised to take on any family activities, sports, or even other household chores, bringing you closer as a unit.

a flowery garden scene of an outdoor living hot tub installation

Inviting a hot tub into your family may be the best team building exercise you participate in. The opportunities for quality family time shared in the tub are endless, just try and save some room for your friends! Why not check out our inspiration guide for tips on hosting a hot tub party

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