Romantic Hot Tub Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while a romantic evening in a fancy restaurant is off the cards, you can still enjoy making memories with your loved one, all from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve all binged just about every show on Netflix, so it’s time to put all technology to one side and enjoy some quality time with your other half. What better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than your own little private hot tub getaway at the bottom of the garden, taking a romantic soak under the stars?

A quiet space with no distractions, take the time to unwind with your partner, giving each other the undivided attention every couple needs every now and then.

Take a look at our top tips below and discover how you can enjoy a hot tub Valentine’s Day to remember this year.   


Preparation before your hot tub date

Before enjoying your hot tub date night, its a good idea to make sure youve prepped your Valentine’s hot tub ready to jump straight in.

If you’ve not used your hot tub in a while, make sure to give it a good clean before filling it up with fresh water. We have a handy cleaning guide that will take you through the cleaning process to make sure youre doing everything by the book. 

Use the correct hot tub chemicals to get the right balance and have your test strips on hand to check the water before entering – it’ll kill the mood if you have to wait around sorting out all these aspects if you don’t plan and prep this beforehand.


Setting the right water temperature is also key, as you want to enjoy your hot tub experience without overheating. The temperature of your hot tub is usually down to personal preference, but you should never exceed temperatures above 40C. 

Creating a romantic ambience

Lighting can make a huge difference to your outdoor space. Used in the right way, you can really set the scene for a romantic getaway.

First on the agenda, fairy lights. Buy some outdoor fairy lights and wrap them around your gazebo for a magical, moody ambience. Aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and cost effective, you can even buy lights with a timer, so after dark, they’ll go off by themselves.


Alternatively, why not get your party for two started with an underwater light show, that projects a rainbow of light patterns around the inside of your tub? Who needs to go out when you can have a disco in your very own backyard!?

Use a gazebo to your advantage, creating a private escape for your romantic date night while also keeping you sheltered from the temperamental British weather.  

Many hot tubs these days come with a Bluetooth stereo system, so you can hook up your phone and play some romantic tunes without having to worry about any other devices. Pick a playlist and just let it play or go that one step further and create your own personal playlist that can even feature songs from your wedding.

Make sure you like every song and let it keep playing so you don’t have to do the mad dash out the tub to go change the song.

Scent can send our senses wild, and you can buy aromatherapy crystals and oils that are specifically designed to be used in your hot tub water.


Indulge in some essential essences and enjoy the moment with a smell that will tantalise those senses and mask the smell of chlorine.

You can choose your desired strength and lay back, relax and enjoy your spa experience from the comfort of your own home. From invigorating tea tree, a refreshing burst of citrus or calming lavender, these scents will provide an instant aromatic escape. 

Make sure everything is accessible

Keep those rumbling bellies at bay with some finger food by the tub. Charcuterie boards are very in right now and you can play around with the design until your happy the board looks as good as it tastes.

Having little nibbles will make sure you’re not consuming anything too heavy, especially when relaxing in your tub – it’s not a good feeling when you’re full of food and submerged in water! 


Cheese and wine are a marriage made in heaven, so consider how this could work when you’re in the tub. It’s probably best to stay away from the crumbly sorts of cheese as you don’t want to be soaking in a crumbly mess floating around you!

When it comes to drinks, your safe bet is to only allow plastic glasses around your tub. Consider plastic glasses that are dishwasher safe too, great for saving you the dreaded washing up duty at the end of the night.

Drink in style with a wine cooler that can be stuck in place on the side of your tub with suction cups on its base. There’s nothing better than sitting back in your hot tub and enjoy the bubbles of not only the hydrotherapy but the champagne too!

There’s always an option to purchase a spa caddy table that can be fastened to the side of your tub or even a floating bar, so you’ll have everything to hand when enjoying your tub.

February often means snow, so be prepared to jump out into the cold before running to the warmth of the indoors. Invest in a hot tub towel bar to keep your clean, dry towels off the floor. Alternatively, a coat stand is a great way to hook your towels and dressing gowns outside, making sure they are to hand as you jump out the tub.

Why not go the whole hog and buy each other matching dressing gowns and flip flops. Bring that spa experience into your own home and have a pamper night to remember. 

Making sure your night isn’t boring

Conversation is key to a healthy relationship, although sometimes you need to mix things up to get the excitement going.

For your hot tub date night, have some things up your sleeve to keep yourselves entertained throughout the evening.

Playing games can be a great stress reliever, so break out your board games or playing cards and get in to the competitive spirt. Get your game face on and choose a game that will present you with plenty of laughter, not something youll end up throwing into next doors garden when you lose!

The good news is, there’s lots of games that have now been adapted for play-time in your hot tub. You can buy waterproof playing cards and even magnetic board games so you won’t risk dropping and losing your pieces in the water.


Once youve enjoyed the massage in your hot tub with the powerful water jets, why not take things inside and enjoy taking it in turns to massage one another. After youve been in your hot tub, your muscles will have loosened and your mind and body will be in relaxation mode.

So, if youre lucky enough to own a hot tub, take advantage of it this Valentines Day when in lockdown and enjoy a romantic night in your own special way.

For more information on the best hot tub accessories and gifts, read our blog post that features our favourite hot tub products all in one place. 

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