Sharon & Tim Burgess. April 2019.

Outdoor Companion Hot Tub

Tim said:

"Thanks for the email enquiring into our hot tub install. Firstly I would like to thank the two lads that delivered & installed the hot tub. They were polite, did a top quality install, cleared all the packaging etc away & gave me an in-depth lesson on how everything worked. They went through the literature with me, chemicals etc, checked again everything was working as it should then left. I would call this a ‘Professional install’ from a professional company. With regards to the tub itself, we’ve had it for two weeks & only used it last night for the fist time due to on going building work at my house.

When I was purchasing the tub I asked many questions as I guess most people do, one of which related to the pumps and actual power of the tub along with the ability to manage the distribution of water between the various seats. I was told by the gentleman serving me, who I believe was the owner of the company, I wouldn’t be disappointed with the tub, or it’s performance. All I can say is, I’ve been in several tubs at friends houses & tested several tubs at other companies testing facilities. None of these match the performance of the tub we purchased. As the gentleman stated, the tub is top quality, made with quality parts. I can only agree with this and say thank you all for delivering a quality product that exceeds our expectations. " 

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