The Chapman Family. May 2018

Hot Tub Installation for Chapman

Hot Tub Installation for Chapman

Jacuzzi® J245 Hot Tub

Ash said:

"It was a big decision for us as a family to purchase a hot tub. We are talking the cost of a holiday abroad including spending money...

As you can imagine we scoured the internet in search of the best deal for the right hot tub for us. There were some fantastic deals. However, once you do some research, the feedback is always poor and many companies often change names to avoid angry customers!!!

Then we went into Outdoor Living and from the moment we entered the door the service and experience has been fantastic. The sales team really know their stuff when it comes to hot tub choices and helped us decide the most appropriate for us in terms of usage, having a young family and economic efficiency. They offered a very competitive 0% payment plan but we were in no rush, or soon thought, and decided to save up and pay outright.

We tried the hot tub out as a family at Outdoor Living before finally agreeing on a good price. The order was placed then reality kicked in that we needed to prep for it by putting a base down. I didn't have a clue or know where to start. However, Paul and his team were very helpful giving advice from their own experience. Yes, salespeople who actually own the products they are selling!!! A rarity these days.

Paul came to visit the house for a site inspection to see if we needed a crane to fit the hot tub in. Luckily we could just fit it in through the gate.

Delivery day finally came for what can only be described as a very excited household. The lads were fantastic, clean working and very polite. Again, giving invaluable advice in the maintenance of the hot tub when using the chemicals.

As you can imagine we haven't been out of the hot tub since! The children absolutely love it as does my wife and I.

Paul has created a great company that still has the warmth and charm of a small local family run type of business.

Would we recommend a hot tub and more importantly Outdoor Living? Absolutely. A fantastic service.

Thanks to Paul and his fantastic team."

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