How to host the best Hot Tub party

Summer Sun means Hot Tub Fun with Outdoor Living

With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about hosting a Hot Tub party for your friends and family!

Whether you’re renting, buying a Hot Tub, or you already have one, make sure you’ve got your party essentials and theme on point so that it’s one to remember.

Here are some of Outdoor Livings favourite Hot Tub party ideas to wow your guests this summer.

1. Host a tropical beach themed Hot Tub party

Hot tub party snorkelling

One of the most relaxing summer memories for many of us is the thought of being sat by the beach with family and friends, taking in the fresh sea air. Why not turn your Hot Tub into a relaxing beach like haven today?

Take yourself down to the local supermarket and stock up on drinks, fruit, a beach ball or two and don’t forget the Hawaiian costumes and accessories. Get the speakers at the ready and you’re almost there. Invite your guests over and enjoy a tropical beach like Hot Tub party this summer. You can't guarantee the weather, but you can guarantee the temperature in your hot tub!

Outdoor Living products for your Hot Tub beach party

2. Children’s Hot Tub Birthday party

Airlie and Girlie Bird, Hull FC mascots in Hot Tub

Looking for birthday party ideas for your children? For Hot Tub owners it couldn’t be easier!

Set up your garden with famous kids games such as Twister, giant Jenga, Connect 4 and limbo and you’re almost there. Remind your guests to bring their children’s swimming costumes and theirs too… Set out drinks, nibbles and maybe even host a BBQ.

Keep the Hot Tub open all day and let the children and parents enjoy popping in at their leisure. The bonus for parents is that all the fun and excitement of the Hot Tub and garden party games is guaranteed to tire out the children… It’s a win, win!

Outdoor Living safety note: Outdoor Living recommend that children are supervised at all times during Hot Tub bathing and that small children wear armbands if necessary.

Outdoor Living products for a children’s Hot Tub party

  • Set your Hot Tub up with a variety of Hot Tub Ducks for the children to play with. For younger children this can make your Hot Tub feel like one big play time in the bath
  • If the children are to be running about playing games on the grass make sure you’re prepared with our Hot Tub and Pool Foot Bath. This will help to keep the grass out of your Hot Tub and keep the water clean
  • Our Hot Tub Tumbler Glasses are built for children using Hot Tubs. The acrylic soda glasses will remove any worries about children dropping glass in the water

3. Host a Hot Tub games night

Hot Tub prepared for a party

Do you and your friends love a night of card games and board games? Well, just for you Hot Tub owners, you can now take the game night one step further with a Hot Tub games night!

Play card games, board games and even the odd drinking game with your guests while in the relaxing environment of your Hot Tub. Make sure you provide all the usual; a selection of cheeses, crisps and don’t forget the wine. A game night in the Hot Tub is a fantastic way to spend your summer nights.

Outdoor Living safety note: Outdoor Living recommend drinking responsibly. Hot Tubs can dehydrate bathers so regular water consumption to re-hydrate is advised.

Outdoor Living products for your Hot Tub games night

  • No games night is complete without a deck of cards and at Outdoor Living we stock Waterproof Playing Cards that are just what you need for your Hot Tub games night
  • What would a games night be without a nice bottle of wine or bubbles? Get your hands on our Hot Tub Grip ‘O’ Wine Cooler to keep your wine or fizz ice cool while enjoying your games night
  • Along with your wine cooler, make sure you’ve got your hands on our Light up Hot Tub Wine Flutes. The perfect way to brighten up your games night

4. Jungle or safari Hot Tub party

Animal print balloons

Bring I’m a celebrity to your Hot Tub party with a jungle theme. Why not go the whole 9 yards and finish the night camping in your garden too! Provide your guests with a host of tasty treats and get the marshmallows on the fire as the night draws to a close.

One way to bring the jungle to your Hot Tub party is decorating balloons. Use a permanent marker and decorate your balloons with Tiger and Zebra stripes. A real affordable way to help your jungle themed party take off!

Why not go all out and provide your guests with animal masks or safari sunglasses? A fun way to spice up your Hot Tub party.

(Image source: Project Nursery)

Outdoor Living products for your jungle Hot Tub party

  • Our Grip ‘O’ Can Hot Tub Can Holder is an essential for any jungle party including children. The can holders have suction cups on the bottom to stick your cans to the side of your Hot Tub so you don’t have to worry about children losing their drinks in the Hot Tub ever again!
  • Fill your Hot Tub with safari like nibbles and leave them on your Floating Spa Bar. A vital addition to any Hot Tub jungle party
  • Spice up your jungle party with our Sangria Spazazz Spa Crystals to provide a wild berries and enticing brandy hot tub aroma

5. Hot Tub Halloween party

Halloween Hot Tub and pumpkins

If you’re thinking that a Hot Tub party is only fit for the summer, think again. Our final party theme is a Halloween Hot Tub special!

Decorate your Hot Tub with creepy pumpkins, spooky LED lights and some clever Hot Tub crystals to give a haunted feel to your Hot Tub on Halloween. Purchase plenty of Halloween themed treats including cakes, sweets and more. Don’t forget to add Halloween music into the mix as the finishing touch to host the creepiest Halloween party.

Outdoor Living products for your Halloween Hot Tub party

Hot Tub party before & after care

It is vitally important that you look after your Hot Tub and ensure that it has the correct pH level before use. Our recommended level for any Hot Tub in terms of pH is between 7.2 – 7.4 PPM.

Whether you’re using bromine, chlorine or oxygen to sanitise your Hot Tub, we’ve got you covered. View our hot tub maintenance guides on each of these products:

If you’re planning ahead, you might want to ensure you have some Jacuzzi No Foam on hand in case your Hot Tub ends up with too many bubbles as well as a Spa Maintenance Kit. Having a replacement Hot Tub filter ready for after your party is also a good idea in case you end up changing your water.

If your party is a roaring success (we’re sure it will be) and your hot tub ends up needing a full clean, stock up on our Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner and Non Chlorine Shock so that you’re all prepped for the post party clean up.

Looking for a Hot Tub?

If you’re not yet a Hot Tub owner but you’re looking to purchase one in the near future, we’re here to help. With a range of Jacuzzi Spas at 0% finance on display in our Showrooms in Hull and Leeds, why not call in or contact us today for more information.