Hot Tubs as Investments

The increasing popularity of the staycation sees more and more people ditch plans for foreign lands to enjoy the great British countryside. This means that lodges and cottages are in high demand throughout the year – and one of the most searched for requirements is that it comes with a hot tub.

On the Hoseasons website, there are more properties with a private hot tub than there are with fishing or beaches nearby, kid’s entertainment, indoor pools and even Wi-Fi. People see hot tubs as a luxury item, something to enjoy during a break but they’re also great investments for the home too.

‘Must-have’ property features

When people buy a new home, there are certain things they won’t do without, most notably: central heating, double glazing, a garden and secure doors and windows – so says a survey from March this year.

Within the survey, answers seemed to show a need for all the latest mod cons, such as reliable broadband, energy efficiency, clear mobile signal and ‘a living room big enough for a large, flat screen TV’, and a good way for a property to stand out from the crowd is with a hot tub.

Making the difference between two homes

A couple of years ago, Principality ran a study that found some 30% of people would love a swimming pool in their garden, and this ties in to making your outdoor living space nicer to use and enjoy as well as being beneficial when you are selling your property.Britain's Ideal Home Infographic

In fact, the British and Irish Spa and Hot Tub Association (BISHTA) found that the hot tub market is booming and this demand has led to a lower entry-level price as well as better quality products.

Kirstie Allsopp, TV presenter and property expert, says that aspiration can be the difference to selling a home. She told MailOnline: “It is a given that it is about location. Location is everything. But once you have got the location, what often makes people choose one property over another is perhaps something people don't even acknowledge themselves - and that's aspiration.”

“Potential buyers look around a house and it could be a holiday picture or a book, something they want to do or be, and that often seals the deal - especially when choosing between two houses.”

How much do hot tubs cost?

Outdoor Adventure Standard Hot TubAt Outdoor Living Hot Tubs, we have the full spectrum of options from the £2,899 ‘plug and play’ Outdoor Adventure Standard Hot Tub right up to deluxe options around the £20,000 mark. Many of these now also come with new finance options to make them more affordable than ever.

So, whether you’re looking for a new way to relax, have heard about the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy or simply want to add value to your home – investing in a hot tub with expert advice from our specialist team at Outdoor Living is the best way to experience the difference.

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