Kenneth Jacuzzi, inspiration for in-home hydrotherapy, dies at age 75

Outdoor Living and Jacuzzi Direct would like to formally offer our condolences to the wife and family of Ken Jacuzzi, who passed away last week.

Many within the Hot Tub industry already know that Ken's childhood illness in the 1950s became the inspiration for Candido Jacuzzi to create the first in-home hydrotherapy pump. Thank's to the Jacuzzi Family we now have the Jacuzzi Group Worldwide and the privilege of selling the premier manufactured Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs.

About Ken Jacuzzi

At the age of two Ken was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis; a condition which left him wheelchair bound for the greatest part of his life. Ken's family was informed that he would not see his third birthday and his family was spurred into action, creating the hydrotherapy pump which the Jacuzzi® Brand is based upon today. The pump allowed Hydrotherapy pain-relief at home and gave him the ability to create a long and successful life in manufacturing, marketing, research and development all around the world. 

Ken lived his life to the full by traveling, learning and teaching across three continents. He has an MBA, speaks four languages, patented inventions. If you would like to read more about Kev Jacuzzi and his legacy then please visit his website.

Here is a brief interview from last year which Ken gave about his life...