No Foam Hot Tub Guide

How to avoid foam in your Hot Tub

The purpose of this guide is to inform you of the different substances and chemicals which can cause foam in Hot Tubs. At Jacuzzi Direct we understand that in some circumstances your Hot Tub or Jacuzzi may become filled with foam. Read this guide to find out how you can resolve such issues.

It is recommended that you read our no foam guide in conjunction with our other Hot Tub water maintenance guides.

What causes foam in Hot Tubs?

Listed below are 6 different chemicals / substances that can cause foam in your Hot Tub. We would strongly advise protecting your Hot Tub from such substances as much as possible.

  1. Hair products
  2. Deodorants and skin lotions
  3. Soap residue from your laundry
  4. Cheap hot tub chemicals or excessive use of chemicals
  5. Drinks in the Hot Tub
  6. The build-up of total dissolved solids (TDS)

Hair products

Residue from hair products such as shampoo, gel, hair spray, wax and mouse will all cause foam within your Hot Tub.

If you use these particular types of products on a regular basis or any other hair product, we would advise taking a shower before using a Jacuzzi. For those who have long hair, we would advise putting your hair in a ponytail or in a cap of some sort. You should try to avoid your hair making contact with the water in your Hot Tub as much as possible.

Deodorants and skin lotions

Just like hair products, products that are applied to the skin can also cause foaming within a Hot Tub. Jacuzzi Direct advise showering before entering your Hot Tub if you have applied skin products of any kind.

If you do not wish to shower then try to use a little less deodorant and avoid using lotions on your skin before entering the Hot Tub. We recommend not applying lotions for the skin until after you have finished using your Hot Tub.

Soap residue from your laundry

While washing machines will get rid of most of the soap used when washing your laundry, they never completely remove it. Any remaining soap residue from washing your clothes will cause your Hot Tub to foam.

With this in mind, Jacuzzi Direct would advise washing your swimwear / bathing suits in the sink with warm soap free water. You should never put them in your washing machine.

Cheap Hot Tub chemicals or excessive use of chemicals


Chemicals that are purchased from a discount-type store will usually contain some type of filler. These fillers will dilute the effectiveness of the chemicals which can cause foaming.

Jacuzzi Direct recommend you buy your Hot Tub chemicals from a Hot Tub specialist to ensure that they are high quality products that are safe to use. At Jacuzzi Direct we have a variety of Hot Tub chemicals in stock. Ensure you follow the chemicals instructions at all times, and bear in mind the over use of high quality chemicals can also cause foaming.

Drinks in the Hot Tub


Whilst most hot tub owners will have drinks in the hot tub at some point, it is essential you’re careful with them. Spilling drinks in your Hot Tub can lead to foaming. With this in mind you should do everything you can to avoid spilling drinks in your Jacuzzi.

One great way to do so is by purchasing something to place your drinks on. Jacuzzi Direct recommend purchasing either a Floating Spa Bar or a Spa Caddy Table. Both of these Hot Tub accessories will allow you to store your drinks reliably and avoid spillage.

We also recommend using plastic glasses instead of glass. Any broken glass in a Hot Tub can be dangerous, not to mention the amount of work it will take to clean. If you’re looking for some quality plastic glasses then look no further than our Jacuzzi Champagne Flutes.

The build-up of total dissolved solids (TDS)

Jacuzzi-Spa-Filter Cleaner

To maintain water quality, we recommend Jacuzzi Spa Clear is used as part of your weekly Hot Tub cleaning routine to give you crystal clear water by coagulating tiny suspended particles that are too small for the filter to collect.

Over time it is inevitable for the amount of total dissolved solids to build up in your Hot Tub water. All of the things mentioned above will impact the amount of TDS in your Hot Tub. When a high amount of total dissolved solids are in your Hot Tub they will cause foaming.

To reduce the amount of TDS within your Spa / Hot Tub there are a couple of things you can do. Firstly, you should ensure you replace the water every three months. You should also replace your Hot Tub filter once a year and clean it with a good filter cleaning solution once a month.

Jacuzzi No Foam


If you do find yourself with a foaming Hot Tub problem, Jacuzzi No Foam will help. This Spa de-foaming solution is an oil-free silicone compound that is very effective at removing the potential foam that can be created from all of the pollutants mentioned above. It works by sinking the pollutants that foam so that they can be taken to the Hot Tub filter.

When using Jacuzzi No Foam we recommend cleaning your filter afterwards to eliminate the possibility of cloudy water. Jacuzzi No Foam is available in either a 1L or 5L bottle from as little as £12.99.