Jacuzzi & Hot Tub Health Benefits

Everybody is talking about Hot Tubs and the health benefits of having one, but how many people actually know how good a Hot Tub is for the body? In this guide we intend to explain Hot Tub hydrotherapy and aromatherapy in more detail.

What is Hot Tub hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy involves using water, heat and air to promote health and wellbeing. Combining these three elements can help to relax and sooth the body and can also speed up the recovery of muscles too.

For years now hydrotherapy or water treatment in general has been used to treat muscle injuries and rheumatic disease.

There are different ways in which you can use Hot Tubs & Jacuzzi’s to aid injury recovery and improve health and wellbeing, some of which we explain below.

Combining hydrotherapy with aromatherapy

Jacuzzi Direct Aromatherapy

There really is no better way to relax the body than combining Hot Tub hydrotherapy with Jacuzzi Direct aromatherapy products. Using aromatherapy products whist indulging in the delight of hydromassage is the perfect way to unwind.

The sensational feeling of aromatherapy products bubbling against the skin will ignite calmness and leave the body feeling invigorated. Jacuzzi Direct recommends such treatment for up to 20 minutes and not to use these products more than twice a week.

Hydromassage replenishing the body

Hydrotherapy through Hot Tubs will begin to replenish the human body within 5 - 10 minutes of bathing. Jacuzzi Direct recommends at least 15- 20 minute spells in the Hot Tub in order to help your muscles recover, tone and revitalise your body as a whole.

There is no right or wrong way for an individual to use their Hot Tub for relaxation and recovery. Hydromassage sessions should be tailored to suit your needs.

It is also a good idea to have absolute silence while you relax; doing so will allow the mind filter out distractions and help fatigue disappear as the sensation of hydrotherapy works through your body.

Hot Tub & Spa exercises

Not only can a Hot Tub help the body recover but it can also help the body improve through regular exercise within it.

There are a few specific ways in which a Hot Tub owner can use their Hot Tub to exercise as described below:

Abdominal exercise

Everybody dreams of having great abs don’t they? Well what better way to train them than in your Hot Tub.

Start this exercise by leaning back against the back rest in your tub, breathing in slowly, when you breathe out contract your abdominal muscles softly. Repeat this exercise 5 times to begin with, working up to sets of 10 when you feel confident.

Leg exercise

Again, lean against the back rest within your Hot Tub, breathing slowly. Bring one of your legs into your body slowly and then extend. Repeat this exercise 3 times to on each leg. You can do up to 5 sets of this exercise per leg.

Shoulders and neck exercise

Lean back against your Hot Tubs back rest, again breathing in deeply and slowly. Then begin to rotate your shoulders in a circular motion, forwards and backwards. Pause between each set and repeat this exercise up to 10 times.

In the same position against the back rest slowly work your neck from one side to the other, repeating up to five times.

After you have completed all of the above exercises it is important to take some time to close your eyes and focus on breathing. Completing the exercises on a regular basis will help you become more relaxed and happy with your body.

Maintaining your Hot Tub

Along with looking after your body it is vitally important that you take the correct precautions to maintain your Hot Tub water. Jacuzzi Direct has a wide range of Hot Tub chemicals available online. If you’re looking for more information about water care for Hot Tubs, check out our online guide now.