Bromine Hot Tub Maintenance Guide

Our Bromine Maintenance Guide is a quick reference for your convenience. Please consult your chemical guide, the instructions on the product or call us if you require further information. Note the quantities shown are based on a spa water volume of 1500 litres so adjust accordingly. The guide also recommends the use of No Scale however this is only needed in hard water areas.

Daily Hot Tub Use:

A bromine level of between 3-5 ppm must be maintained in your hot tub at all times. The addition of bromine will depend upon usage and bathing habits. It could be daily or every 2-3 days (for 3ppm add 12g per 1500 litres).

Note: 10ml = approx 10g

Weekly Hot tub Maintenance:

  1. Remove filters and rinse with a hose pipe then leave to dry. (You can purchase a Filter Cleaner Spray to prevent any build-up of grease)
  2. (Tip) Purchasing a spare filter to rotate on a weekly basis is recommended
  3. Check pH level is 7.0-7.4 and adjust if required with pH Increaser (pH+) or pH Reducer (pH-)
  4. Check bromine level and adjust to maintain a level of 3-5mg/l
  5. Add 17grns of Non Chlorine Shock per 1500 litres and leave spa uncovered with jets on for a minimum of 20 minutes
  6. Add 23ml of No Scale per 1500 litres to help prevent scale build up
  7. When adding chemicals pumps to be on and hot tub lid open

Quarterly Hot tub Maintenance:

  1. Soak filters overnight in Filter Cleaner, rinse with hose pipe and leave to dry
  2. Drain hot tub and fill with fresh water
  3. Balance pH as above in step 4
  4. Add 60g of Bromine Granules per 1500 litres to sanitise the fresh water. Allow level to drop down to 3-5mg/l before using the hot tub
  5. Add 38ml of No Scale per 1500 litres following a full water change


  1. Cloudy water caused by small particles (like soap) that are passing through the filter can be cleared with Spa Clear and foaming can be corrected with No Foam
  2. Your water clarity can be further improved by removing minerals and salts when filling with a pre-filter which connects onto your hose.
  3. The use of Bromine Tablets in a Floating Dispenser or feeder gives a steady dosage if leaving the spa for a short period of time or going on holiday