Purchasing a Hot Tub Out of Our 60 Mile Radius

What are your delivery charges?

Our regular delivery charges outside of the 60 Mile radius is £750 (including VAT) however this is not a definitive charge and is subject to negotiation. For example, we may choose not to charge delivery if you are close to our 60-mile radius and purchase one of £8,999 and above hot tubs. Alternatively, if you are located far south (Plymouth) or far north (Aberdeen) these delivery charges may well be subject to an increased charge.

The delivery charge quoted does not include the use of any HIAB or crane. If one is needed this will be an additional charge and your responsibility to organise appropriately.

What access requirements do you need?

Our Hot Tubs come on their side for delivery so the minimum width we require for access is the height of your hot tub plus an extra two inches to be sure. It is important for you to double check this minimum width against all gates, paths, windowsills and any other potential obstacles along the access route. The other hot tub measurements (width and depth) also need to be checked for access against any overhead obstacles such as guttering, tree branches and gate frames.

We use a piece of equipment called a Spa Dolly when able to, to ensure a safe and smooth delivery of your product. Because of this we ask you to ensure the access has sufficient space to accommodate the Hot Tub and the spa dolly.

Hot Tub Spa Dolly

If you are unsure, then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email at: enquiries@outdoorlivinghottubs.co.uk. We are able to move hot tubs over 2 foot walls, down steps and other terrain. Just make sure we know beforehand so that we are prepared with the correct equipment to ensure a smooth and safe delivery of your new hot tub.

What are the electrical requirements?

We have a dedicated Electrical Guidelines on our blog that will have all the information you need depending on the hot tub you buy. Please ensure you check the brochure or call us to confirm the appropriate supply required, as this is your responsibility.

Please ensure all electrical work is completed prior to delivery by a qualified electrician. Unfortunately, we are not electricians and therefore cannot complete this for you.

Do you complete a site survey?

If you are purchasing outside of the 60-mile radius of the Hull or Leeds Showrooms, we may not undertake a site survey and access for delivery will be your responsibility. You can download our site survey form here. This form will need to be completed and emailed to ourselves prior to delivery. It is also ideal if you can email photographs of your access route and installation location.

Do I need a thick concrete base?

No. All our hot tubs have a self-supporting shell which means that as long as your base is level, you hot tub can be placed on anything solid. This includes, paving stones and decking. Check out our reviews for some photos of other installations or our installation ideas video.

So, why should I buy from Outdoor Living?

Back in 2004 Outdoor Living was created and has since gone from strength to strength to provide their customers with the best customer service along with the highest quality products. Outdoor Living aim to provide a complete service, meaning that when you purchase from us you will never need to go anywhere else.

From before your purchase you have the opportunity to see over 30 hot tubs on display across our two showrooms. You also have the opportunity to wet test up to 6 hot tubs in order to help you make the right decision. Out dedicated sales staff are committed to helping find the correct hot tub for you, which we know can be difficult with so much choice!

Once you have made your decision our installation team will deliver and install your new hot tub. On the day of delivery, they will ensure that your hot tub is heating up and will be ready for you to use. They will go through some basic water chemistry training and help with a step by step guide of caring for you hot tub as well as getting the most out of it.

Any queries once your hot tub is delivered? No worries, just call our aftersales team who are happy to help with any queries. But Just to make sure our aftersales will give you a call once you’ve had your hot tub a week or so to ensure everything is perfect.

One month after you’ve had your hot tub you may think of some extra things you would like to get, which is why Jacuzzi Direct will contact you to set up your online account with your excusive 10% discount on all Jacuzzi Direct products.

Throughout your hot tubs life our after sales will always be there to help along with anything you need from Jacuzzi Direct but if you need any assistance our service team is on hand. The Service Department provide a full menu of options to keep your hot tub in tip top condition.

So, have you decided which hot tub you want yet?

Any questions? Don’t worry, just drop us an email at enquiries@outdoorlivinghottubs.co.uk or call us at the Leeds Showroom 01132 713469 or Hull Showroom 01482 212322.