Thinking of Buying a Hot tub?

Frequently Asked Questions…

We often get asked the same questions from every customer who is new to the hot tub world and wants to know a little bit more before they decide to buy their hot tub. We have decided to put together some FAQs which means that you should find the answer to your query here. If not then drop us an email or contact us and we will be happy to help!

What do you need to prepare before installing a hot tub?

There are only three things you need to consider before your hot tub installation: a level solid base, an electrical supply and a hose pipe. Depending on the hot tub you purchase you may need additional electrical work to create a 32amp supply or greater. You can read all about the details of electrics in our blog: “Electrical Guidelines for Hot Tubs”.

With regards to the base and water supply, we will cover all of these in our site survey to make sure everything is perfect for your new hot tub. By the way, our site survey is included FREE OF CHARGE will every hot tub purchase, within 60 miles of the Hull or Leeds Showroom.

How do you actually install the hot tub?

Our hot tubs are all very heavy which is why we have special equipment such as spa dolly’s and trailers to help us move the hot tub safely into place. The hot tub is transported on its side to get it into position. We do a site survey to ensure we can get the hot tub where you would like it but we will also advise if a HIAB or crane is needed and be able to recommend suitable companies.

How long will it take to get my hot tub hot?

There any many variants that affect the heating of a hot tub. Depending on the hot tub you buy it can have a heater from a 2KW to a 5KW. The hot tubs also have a range of water volumes and the time of year (winter to summer) will also affect the heating rate.

An example would be a 1,300 litre hot tub with a 2.7kw heater will take approximately 20 hours to heat. Once all our hot tubs are heated they are designed to stay hot 24/7 and the hot tub will only need to top up any heat loss. A 2.7KW header will heat up 3 degrees every hour which means for every ½ hour you use the hot tub it will take approximately 20 minutes to get back up to temperature once you have put the insulated cover back on.

How much will it cost to run my hot tub?

Hot tubs range in running cost depending on their size, insulation, capacity and heater. A genuine Jacuzzi® Brand Hot Tub will cost approximately £7/£8 a week to run (more in winter, less in summer) and our other hot tubs cost up to £10. However, these figures are an approximation. The cost varies depending on your use of the hot tub and the environment it is located in. If your hot tub it in the open on top of a hill where there are high winds and you use it a lot, it will cost more. If your hot tub is inside a building and you only use it once a week, it will cost a lot less. It is impossible to give a completely accurate figure.

Should I keep my hot tub hot, or just heat it up when I want to use it?

You should keep your hot tub hot 24/7 as this will ensure it is always ready for use. It uses a lot more energy to keep heating a hot tub than it does to keep it at temperature. The only time we advise not to do this is when you may not use it for a few weeks/months. In this case we advise you to drain your hot tub to prevent bacteria growth. We perform a ‘winterise’ service to ensure your hot tub goes into hibernation safely when not in use.

Can I run my hot tub cold?

Sure, your hot tub will go down to 27°C. We have no idea why you would want to do this though!

How long will it take to fill my hot tub?

Hot tubs are filled using a hose pipe so the filling time can vary depending on the capacity and water pressure. An average is two to three hours.

What is the best temperature to run my hot tub at?

As body temperature is about 37°C it will always feel warm above this temperature. Most people prefer the temperature between 38°C and 40°C depending on the outside temperature.

How long should I stay in my hot tub?

It is recommended by some authorities that you should not spend more than 20 minutes in the hot tub at any given time however this is only a recommendation. As long as you keep hydrated and maintain your hot tub sanitation we see no reason why you cannot stay in for several hours.

Can my baby go in the hot tub?

It is not recommended that any child under the age of 4 go in a hot tub as they cannot regulate their temperature when in water that hot. If you want to take your child in the hot tub, we recommend dropping the temperature to at least 30°C.

How do I drain my hot tub?

Our hot tubs have a drain at the bottom for you to attach a hose to drain it or simply let it drain into the garden. Alternatively, we supply submersible pumps to pump the water out much quicker.


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