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How to protect your hot tub from the elements

Acrylic hot tubs can be expensive, but they have an average life-expectancy of up to 20-years, much longer than an inflatable hot tub, so they are a quality investment for buyers. As an investment, owners want to see plenty of fun, easy maintenance and a long-life span in return for their money.  

Unfortunately, nature can interfere and failure to protect your tub from the elements can cause problems. To help you combat the risks unpredictable weather can have on your hot tub, see our tips and keep your hot tub protected from the elements.

Picking the perfect hot tub cover

outdoor living jacuzzi cover

Hot tub covers alter in style, shape and function but you must pick the right one for your hot tub. From the faithful Jacuzzi® covers to the robust Arctic Spa covers designed with the harshest conditions in mind; speak with your provider if you are unsure which hot tub cover is best for your design.

  • Quality: Your cover needs to be robust, well-fitted and durable to withstand the elements.
  • Size: Don’t rush into buying the first hot tub cover you find; it needs to be the perfect match for your model. It needs to fit tightly around each corner to stop heat escaping or the wind from blowing it off.
  • Thickness: Consider the season and environment. A thick cover will insulate the hot tub better, ideal for regulating the temperature.

Heavy-duty and weather-resilient hot tub covers are made from foam and vinyl but can still carry a lot of weight so why not purchase a cover lifter to make the application, removal and storage much easier.

How to protect your hot tub cover  

A hot tub cover is the best way to protect your hot tub from the elements, but you need to protect the cover itself to get the best results. Like the cover itself, the cover cap is waterproof which will also shield your expensive cover from leaves, sap and other outdoor elements.

Remember to take your cover cap off before the actual cover to prevent damage.

How long do hot tub covers last?

Hot tub covers should last between three to four years if cared for properly. Ensure you clean and take care of it, using cleaning sprays and straps, and a quality hot tub won’t need to be replaced as often as a cheap one.   

How do you clean a hot tub cover?

Move over moss, mould and mildew, there is no room for that when enjoying your hot tub! Give your hot tub cover a thorough cleaning every three to four months to prevent it from going brittle.

Use cleaning sprays and a soft sponge to clear any dirt to prevent any muck from sticking to the residue. Rinse with water to ensure the cover is free from products and try to dry it thoroughly. You should clean your hot tub cover when it is not in use and never use domestic bleaches as that will damage it.

Shield your hot tub from the sun

outdoor living hot tub in the sun on decking

In hot weather, get into the habit of using a hot tub cover spray that cleans and conditions the cover, as well as providing hot tub sun protection.

A hot tub cover cleaner provides protection from the sun’s UV rays by repelling the elements and protecting the material.

A non-silicone-based product doesn’t have the sticky residue some sprays contain, avoiding the pickup of dirt while also providing the same standard of hot tub sun protection. The 303 aerospace protectant creates a barrier against the sun’s UV light, reducing the chances of cracking and fading over time.

Continuous exposure to high temperatures and sunlight can cause damage to the appearance of your hot tub. Think carefully about the placement of your tub, keep it shaded using an parasol or a wooden pergola for an open feel. Not only will this protect you from the elements, it provides a private sanctuary for you to sit back, relax and enjoy. For more information, check out our blog post to discover more hot tub privacy ideas.  

Protect your tub from freezing over  

Though Brits may have thick skin when it comes to feeling the cold, hot tub owners often underestimate how to care for an outdoor hot tub in cold weather. If you don’t plan on using your hot tub in these wintery conditions, drain the tub and check for any faults, before strapping down a heavy-weight hot tub cover.

A hot tub can be just as fun in the colder months, so don’t let the risk of bad weather put you off. You can safely regulate the temperature of your water in colder months by keeping it at 38⁰C which will be comfortable for you and will stop its properties from freezing over.

Snow and puddles of rain can cause mould and mildew, so be sure to do your MOT regularly to prevent the need to fix problems in the cold. You can prevent the hot tubs pipes from freezing by using insulated spa covers and continuing to run the pumps at a standard temperature.

You should never use anti-freeze or similar products in your hot tub to prevent freezing as this will damage your hot tub. Stick to using legitimate, quality products. Check out our guide for more hot tub myth-busters. 

Make sure you check your cover frequently for damages that could allow the elements in. If your hot tub is temporarily out of use or in need of repair, use the ultra-tough easyklip to grip the cover as tight as you wish until your outdoor hot tub is ready to use again.

Get strapped in for strong winds

Jacuzzi on decking in the garden under a gazebo

Check your cover stays put in windier weather by using safety straps to keep it secure.

There are a variety of hot tub cover straps to choose from, with some including a locking mechanism with a handy little key. They are a great additional feature to avoid any unauthorised access and of course deter the wind from moving your cover around, protecting it from tearing.

Good practice for hot tub owners is to always use cover straps, even in the summer - the last thing you want is to be battling gale-force winds to strap your cover down when the unpredictable British weather takes a turn for the worse!

Considering not only the elements

The weather isn’t the only thing to think about when protecting your hot tub. Dogs and cats can disrupt the protection of the hot tub. If your hot tub is in plain sight, you may want to consider investing in repellent spray to keep your furry-friends at bay.

If it’s a quick win you are looking for, cats and dogs will avoid sitting on your hot tub if a citrus based spray has been dispensed around the perimeter of the hot tub as they are said to hate the smell. If that doesn’t work, then a gate or shelter will help to keep the furry-four-legged companions away from your hot tub.


The weather forecast may be unpredictable but luckily it doesn’t affect how we can enjoy our hot tub. Suitable all year round, quality time in the tub is something we can guarantee. Hot tub owners can also easily fix any problems they may run into when maintaining a hot tub.

Our troubleshooting guide provides 5 solutions to common hot tub problems so you can sit back and relax in no time, despite the English weather.

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