Jacuzzi J200 vs J300 Series

Here at Outdoor Living we are often asked about the differences between the various series of Jacuzzi hot tubs.

In this article we’re going to highlight some of the main differences between the J200 and J300 series to make finding your ideal hot tub easier.

Who are Jacuzzi?

In simple terms, the inventors of the hot tub. With over 60 years’ experience and more than 300 patents, Jacuzzi design, build and supply some of the best hot tubs in the world!

J235 Hot tub

J200 Series

The Classic Collection, the Jacuzzi J200 series are base level hot tubs designed to introduce bathers to the delights of owning your own Jacuzzi hot tub, without the top specifications and price point.

Despite being Jacuzzi's introductory range of hot tubs, the J200 series still come packed with features and the such as advanced filtration & ClearRay technology. Designed to provide relaxation and fun for all the family.

If you’re looking for a high quality and reliable hot tub with the basic features you’d expect and a brand you know and trust, then the J200 series is a great place to start.


J335 Hot tub

J300 Series

The Comfort Collection, the Jacuzzi J300 series are the first tier of premium hot tubs. Designed to enhance the experience of bathers with more powerful jets and improved positioning to increase the effectiveness of its hydromassage.

The J300 series has recently been redesigned, including a more modern look, new jets and improved performance. Now with PowerPro therapy seats, the hydromassage experience is better than ever! Designed to massage from your neck down to your feet, the J300 series of hot tubs stimulates and relaxes the body leaving you feeling like you can take on the world.

The J300 series has been designed for bathers who have experienced the joys of a hot tub and are looking for the next step in enjoyment and relaxation.


J200 vs J300 Comparison

When comparing the J200 and J300 series designs, there are some obvious added features and upgrades:

Design & Comfort

  J-200™ J-300™
Control Panel LED LED with Scrolling Text and Indicator Icons
Interior Lighting Underwater Bullet Lights (Only on J-215™ and J-225™) Headrests, Waterfall, Cup Holders and Footwell
Waterfall Classic Water Rainbow®
Headrest (Pillow)  Yes Back Lit & Reversible 
Cup Holders Yes Illuminated
ProLink™ Wireless Control No Yes
BLUEWAVE® Integrated Stereo Optional
Standard Speakers
Passive Sub-Woofer, Standard Speakers, Remote and FM Radio
SmartSeal® Insulation  No Yes
ProEndure™ Cabinet Removal Manual Removal Smart Access Door
ProPolymer™ Foundation No Yes

Hydromassage Performance

  J-200™ J-300™
PowerPro® NX2 Jet No Yes
PowerPro® FX-R Jet No Yes
PowerPro® FX Jet No Yes
PowerPro® FX-LR Jet No Yes
PowerPro® MX2 Jet No Yes
PowerPro® FX-L Jet No Yes
PowerPro® BX Jet No Exclusive
PowerPro® FX-S Jet No Yes
Classic Jets Yes No
Massage Selector (Diverter) Select Models Yes
Aqualibrium® Massage No Yes


Water Care & Filtration

  J-200™ J-300™
CLEARRAY® On Demand No Yes
Pleated Filter Yes Yes
Surface Skimmer Yes Bag Skimmer
ProCatch™ Filter Bag No Yes
ProClear® Filter No Yes
ProClarity® Filter No Optional
ProStream™ Circulation Pump No Yes



  J-200™ J-300™
Shell Structure 5 10
Warranty: Shell Surface 4 7
Equipment/Controls 2 3
Plumbing Components 2 3
Cabinet 1 5
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