What to consider when buying a hot tub

Frequently Asked Questions…

We often get asked the same questions from every customer who is new to the hot tub world and wants to know a little bit more before they decide to buy their hot tub. We have decided to put together some FAQs which means that you should find the answer to your query here. If not, then drop us an email or contact us and we will be happy to help!

Hot Tub Myth Busters

Have a read of some of the top Hot Tub Myths and found out the truth about hot tubs. What really matters when you are looking to buy a new hot tub. The Hot Tub Myth Busting Guide!

Try Hot Tubs Before you Buy: Book a Wet Test

You wouldn't buy a sofa before sitting on it so why buy a hot tub before testing one out? Read more about our exclusive hot tub testing areas in both the Hull and Leeds showrooms...