Cedartree Gazebo Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ Cedartree Gazebos

So you've had a look at our amazing CedarTree Gazebo range but before you make your decision there may be a couple of questions. Have a read of our FAQ to find out more information about this beautiful Gazebo range to find the right product to complement your garden.

Why Cedar?

This is the most frequently asked question. CedarTree's name is taken from the beautiful species of timber grown predominantly on the west coast of America and particularly Canada. It is a species renowned for its beauty, its extraordinary longevity and its exceptional resistance to decay. The First Nations of North America and Canada coined its name "The Tree of Life", and latterly and specifically it is called Arbor Vite.

Building with cedar has many advantages by way of a) attractiveness, b) dimensional stability and resistance from warping and bending, c) resistance to decay because of cedars "built in" anti-fungal acids and agents, d) the lightweight characteristics of cedar, e) the thermal insulative qualities of cedar, to name but a few.

Are your supplier's members of international forest stewardship organisations?

Yes. CedarTree buys direct from sawmills in British Columbia, Canada, and their woodlands operations are located on publically-owned land in Canada. They meet or exceed all provincial government regulations and have achieved independent third-party certification of their sustainable forest management practices. Our supplier was the first Canadian company to join the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) program and have maintained certification on its operations since 2001. The SFI certification if endorsed by PEFC which is recognised globally, in addition, they hold a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate in the Mid-Coast region of British Columbia. It can safely be said that the cedar re-planting and cedar management programs are positive, rather than negative, in our world concerns about the future of the planet.

Does cedar require maintenance?

Yes, there is no doubt about it. All timbers change with exposure to the elements and cedar is not an exception. The great advantage of cedar is that it has extraordinarily high resistance to rot and decay because of its inbuilt "thjaplicins" which are naturally occurring in Western Red Cedar, and protect the timber against fungal decay, without the need to further add preservative treatments, which run the risk of being toxic. Left exposed to the elements, and most particularly if left exposed to direct bright sunlight, cedar will turn a very attractive silvery colour. Some people specify cedar, particularly for this feature. Others prefer to retain the original multicoloured appearance rich blend of brown, cream and yellow. We can provide the appropriate cedar maintenance oils, and depending on location and aspect, a treatment is usually needed every 6-12 months. Because of the porous nature of cedar, it is very easily and quickly applied. A typical garden structure, for instance, taking just less than of one hour. It is simply applied by either brush or roller, and the dramatic results make it very satisfying.

In the case of CedarLodges, do I need planning permission?

In the great majority of cases, planning permission is not necessary... particularly in a residential situation. This is because developments in private gardens typically fall under the title of Permitted Development. This pertains as long as the building 1) is not positioned between your house and a highway, 2) is less than 4 metres high or, if within 2 metres of a boundary is less than 2.5 metres high, 3) along with any additional outbuildings, does not cover more then half of the original ground area of the property, 4) is positioned 5 metres away from your house. Planning permission may be required for properties situated in conservative areas, listed buildings, and areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

There is a very useful website called "Planning Portal" which aims to set out the general guidelines on planning permission and has a raft of information.

To what extent can CedarTree offer bespoke structures?

Basically, CedarTree offers the size ranges shown online and in their brochure. The variety and versatility, however, is provided by the great number of variations and "Selections" that we can offer within a certain building/size type. Our catalogue showcase CedarLodges the many options that are available, and by a process of "mix and match," our customers can usually get exactly what they want, and yet it being "something different".

Is the price of delivery and installation included?

Yes, the price usually includes delivery and installation with the exception of our Cedella and Chaletta ranges which are prices ex-factory. A minimum delivery and installation charge of £350 has been included in the price of these Gazebos. Please be aware that if delivery is more (depending on your distance from the factory) a sales representative will be in contact. 

What guarantee is there on CedarTree products?

CedarTree offer a 15-year guarantee against timber rot and decay. In addition, there is a 1-year guarantee for all other components.

Does CedarTree manufacture or simply import?

Emphatically, CedarTree manufacture. The basic Western Red Cedar materials and imported from Canada but CedarTree has a factory in Stokenchurch involved in the manufacture from raw material to finished product. Truly "Made in Britain" by a family business.

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