Spazazz 'Rx Therapy' Miniature Range Spa Beads


The Spazazz 'Rx Therapy' Range of Spa Beads are instant aromatic escape in a miniature bottle with soak in vitamins. The mini 0.5oz containers pack a punch with the scents perfect for use in spas, bathtubs, humidifiers, vacuums and cars. The spa beads are sold separately in a 0.5oz container concentrated scent that comes in its own dispenser that floats in the water to slowly release the desired scent. Just lay back, relax and enjoy your hot tub with every scent reducing inflammation, aches & pains, swelling and stress. The Rx Therapy range of Spazazz beads come in the following scents for you to choose from:
  • Muscular Therapy (Hot 'n Icy) - Reduces: Muscle & cartilage pain.
  • Joint Therapy (Inflammation) - Reduces: Sore & painful joints.
  • Respiratory Therapy (Relief) - Reduces: Respiratory ailments.
  • Detox Therapy (Detoxifying) - Reduces: Built-up toxins.
  • Energy Therapy (Boost) - Reduces: Fatigue.
  • Sport Therapy (Rebuild) - Reduces: Overworked body.

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