Commercial Spa Chemicals

Jacuzzi® Commercial Range for Hotels, Spas and Holiday Lets

This 'bulk' range is designed for the Commercial Hot Tub market with no compromise in quality. Be aware that inferior grade chemicals are available on the internet. Whilst these low grade chemicals may be of sufficient quality for large volumes of water in swimming pools that run at low temperatures, they are often not of a suitable quality for a Hot Tub which has a lower volume of water and operates at much higher temperatures.

Please note that Chlorine Tablets (Trichlor or Dichlor) are not recommended by Jacuzzi® for use in domestic Hot Tubs or Swim Spas because they can cause acid erosion. But they are suitable for use in above ground pools, inflatable splash pools and Commercial spas and Swimming Pools with commercial filtration and heating systems.

If you prefer to sanitize a domestic Hot Tub with a tablet and dispenser system then Jacuzzi® recommend Bromine Tablets or Oxygen Tablets.

Delivery from this Chemical Range is by authorised, trained carriers as the quantities are subject to the Dangerous Goods & Services Act (DGSA) and can only be delivered to the Mainland UK (5-7 working days).

The chemicals shown in this collection are buyable online, if you would like to buy in bulk, for example Filters or Test Strips please call us directly to place your order over the phone. If you require any help or advice please call us on 0844 543 6121.