Genuine Jacuzzi® Branded Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® is the brand that invented the Hot Tub more than 60 years ago, and with more than 400 patents, Outdoor Living proudly offers the best Hot Tubs available in the world today. Before you browse, Outdoor Living would like to point out some exciting innovations...

As in any Hot Tub, water quality and energy efficiency are key features which is why ever Jacuzzi® has the ClearRAY® Water Purification System which uses UV-C technology to instantly give you clean, clear water. CLEARRAY® also reduces the amount of sanitizer you need to use. All of our models bring warmth, comfort, and invigorating hydrotherapeutic massage. It’s the best way to relax and reconnect at home, with family and friends. The hardest part is just choosing which one, with a range of models and colours available. There are a number of collections which Jacuzzi® Provides...

J200™ Collection

The Classic Collection | When it comes to value, quality and reliability the J200™ range is the ultimate choice. It has the performance and style synonymous with Jacuzzi®, and is the ideal introduction to the many benefits of hydrotherapy that its classic jets can deliver. This range features includes: Standard Control Panel, Classic Jets, Classic Foot Massage, 2-Stage Filtration, Multi Coloured Lighting, Comfortable Headrests, Built-in Drink Holders and Classic Waterfall. Many of the models can be upgraded with to the Bluewave® Stereo System.

J300™ Collection

The Comfort Collection | A new generation of enhanced and refined hot tubs, the J300™ range offers an improved hydromassage performance. PowerPro® Therapy seats deliver a more targeted and powerful jet for a deeper massage effect. In an array of fresh colours, you can choose a design to compliment your environment. This range features includes: Illuminated Advanced Control, Speciality PowerPro® BX and FX-L Jets, 4-Stage Filtration, Smart Access Door, Premium LED Lighting, Reversible Backlit Headrests, Illuminated cup holders, Water Rainbow® Waterfall.

JLX® Collection

The Energy Efficient Collection | The flat top rail minimalist design of the JLX® Collection not only looks good, but is engineered to exceed energy efficiency standards.This range features includes: Illuminated Advanced Control, Energy Efficient Performance, Patented Top Deck Design, Speciality RX Jets, Mood Lighting, Integrated Waterfall, Comfort Headrests and 4-Stage Filtration.

Italian Design Collection

The Design Collection | The symphony of form and function, this beautifully crafted collection blends the very best of Italian design and cutting edge wellness technology. Once inside your Italian Design hot tub, you can indulge in the ultimate hydrotherapy massage - whilst from the outside, you can indulge your senses in truly iconic design.

J400™ Collection

The Designer Collection | Offering you the ultimate wellness experience in a spacious environment with uncompromising performance. Music, lights and outstanding hydromassage combine effortlessly to deliver a truly unique experience. This range features includes: ProTouch™ Control, Speciality PowerPro® RX and PX Jets, 5-Stage Filtration, Distinct High Back Design, Status Indicator Light, Quick Drain System, Premium LED Lighting, Adjustable Backlit Headrests, and Smart Access Door.

J500™ Collection

The Luxury Collection | Combining innovative technology, ground-breaking design and legendary Jacuzzi® hydromassage, the J500™ collection establishes a new standard in hot tub luxury. This range features includes: ProTouch Glass Control, Curvalux™ Designer Exterior, Dual Multi Colour Waterfalls, ProEdge™ Interior Lighting, Upgraded RX Therapy Seat with Exclusive FX-D Jet, Sleek Cushioned Headrests, 5-Stage Filtration, Quick Drain System and Integrated Corner Exterior Lighting.

All our Hot Tubs include standard delivery* to your base and power supply, as well as including a cover, chemical starter kit and two tier steps.

*Standard delivery within 60 miles of Hull and Leeds Showrooms. 

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