Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Delfi



  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Hot Tub Steps
  • Covers & Locks
  • Standard Delivery and Installation to your Electrical Supply and Base

Ideal for small spaces, patios, terraces, and balconies - whilst still delivering a perfect blend of contemporary design and comfort.

Delfi is a 4-seater hot tub (including a lounge) provided with adjustable Power Pro® jets for a complete hydromassage of progressive intensity that offers you the possibility of following a real wellness path. Provided with Clear Ray™ technology (optional) for perfectly clean and hygienic water, it boasts a modern design that beautifies any setting with its very clean lines and carefully engineered details. Its contemporary design that conceals all the components in the spa deck, together with its light and airy aesthetics offer a unique style.

Standard Control Panel | This LCD designer topside control panel is compact and easy to use with pre-set programs allowing for a hassle-free experience.

Multi Coloured Lighting | Speciality multicolored LED lights are designed to allow you to set the ambiance to suit your environment and create that balance between your home and your occasion.

Design & Finishes | Above or below ground, with or without panels this range is developed and designed to be used indoors or outdoors more like a piece of furniture which is customisable to fir the design of your home.

2-Stage Filtration | Optimum easy and hassle-free pre-programmed filtration.

Speciality Blowers | An advanced air technology which offers a softer massage experience.

Hydrotherapy Seating | Each specialty seat offers a unique point of difference and is designed to create a true 'wellness path'.

Aromatherapy | Concealed aromatherapy beads letting you relax in the aroma of your choice.

Sleek Integrated Waterfall | A contemporary minimalist waterfall which provides a relaxing hydrotherapy session.

A symphony of form and function, this beautifully crafted collection blends the very best of Italian design and cutting-edge wellness technology. Once inside your Italian Design hot tub, you can indulge in the ultimate hydrotherapy massage - on the outside the customisable panels will blend your new home addition seamlessly into any room setting.

Tech Spec
  • Seats 4 people including 1 full body lounger
  • 190cm x 190cm x 80cm
  • 16 Stainless Steel Jets
  • Classic Waterfall Feature
  • 2 Pump System
  • White Lighting
  • Water purification CLEARRAY® system
  • Complete Drain
  • Manufacturers Full Parts and Labour Warranty


  • Porcelain
  • Platinum
  • Cobalt


  • Teak Colour Finishing Wood
  • Graphite Synthetic Wood