Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™
Jacuzzi Hot Tub J575IP lounge seat
Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™
Load image into Gallery viewer, Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™
Load image into Gallery viewer, Jacuzzi Hot Tub J575IP lounge seat
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Jacuzzi® Hot Tub J575P™

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  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Hot Tub Steps
  • Covers & Locks
  • Standard Delivery and Installation to your Electrical Supply and Base

Never just a hot tub, this is an iconic centerpiece with style and excellence woven in.

Dual facing waterfalls, combined with ProEdge™ Interior Lighting provide a 360° fibreoptic experience which creates a complete environment of relaxation that can be tailored to your mood. The waterfalls create a relaxing head and neck massage to help unwind after a long day and work in harmony to provide an exceptional massage for the larger back muscles.

The J575™ lounger is a fully immersive experience with focused and deep tissue massage jets for your back and hips to softer less vigorous jet options for the back of your legs and feet. The lounger has been upgraded and debutes two large FX-Diretional jets that create a kneading effect, which stimulates the muscle tissue in the hips for a superior massage experience. The J575™ Hydrotherapy seat incorporates comfortable arm rests which also include advanced PX therapy jets for a pulsating wrist massage.

ProTouch™ Glass Control | A simple and easy to use full colour, top mounted, waterproof glass touch screen control panel.

Upgraded RX Therapy Seat with Exclusive FX-D Jet | The upgraded RX therapy seat includes a large directional hip jet for an advanced massage experience.

ProLink™ App | A mobile technology app that gives you the flexibility to manage and take full control of your hot tub no matter where you are, meaning your hot tub is ready to you when you arrive home.

Sleek Cushioned Headrests | Sleek cushioned headrests designed to maximise the comfort experience.

Curvalux™ Designer Exterior | An innovative woven technology designed to match your garden furniture.

5-Stage Filtration | Ultimate filtration which can be set to suit your needs giving the best safest and purest water experience.

Watercolour™ Waterfalls | Dual Facing waterfalls, one of which is combined with a large rotational back jet for a focussed massage experience.

Quick Drain System | Ensures up to 50% faster, hassle-free and more hygienic water changeovers.

ProEdge™ Interior Lighting | 360° fibreoptic technology which creates a complete environment of relaxation that can be tailored to your mood.

Integrated Corner Exterior Lighting | Advanced and unique lighting to set the ambiance in your garden.

Bluewave® Sterio System | Bluetooth® stereo system which can be controlled via the ProTouch™ control panel or via your mobile device for a great sound experience. Comes with premium speakers and a built-in sub-woofer for optimised sound.

ProLast™ Covers | Contemporaty, stylish and 25% lighter than the standard vinyl options. ProLast™ covers are UV resistant and offer the same level of durability you get from vinyl leatherette. ProLast™ Extreem is 33% denser and 25% thicker thatn stanard with a tapered design for use in extreme weather climates offering the highest level of efficiency.

The J500™ collection combines innovative technology, ground-breaking design and the legendary Jacuzzi® hydromassage to establish a new standard in luxury hot tubs. Defined by a cutting edge curved design the J500™ collection is made using a weatherproof Curvalux™ exterior which mimics the weave texture of designer outdoor furniture combined with outer architectural lighting. Inside the luxury continues with multi-colour lighting and 2 integrated waterfalls which fuse sight and sound to provide a calming and relaxing environment.

A revolutionary touch screen control panel offers a new way to control every function of these luxury hot tubs, whilst smartphone integration allows you to control the features of your hot tub remotely even allowing you to warm your water on the way home from work. Our finest combination of jets delivers the ultimate hydromassage experience with each model in the collection featuring more than 50 jets.

You’ve simply never seen a hot tub that looks like this. The weatherproof Curvalux™ exterior mimics the weave texture of designer outdoor furniture, accented by the glow of innovative exterior corner lights. Multi-color internal lights behind dual waterfalls fuse sight and sound. And a concealed clip skirt system even eases maintenance access without compromising the clean lines. Made with the quality for which the Jacuzzi® Brand is known, the J500™ Collection is as much of a design piece as it is a dynamic hydromassage experience.

Tech Spec
  • Seats 5/6 people with 1 full body lounger
  • 231cm x 231cm x 92cm
  • 53 PowerPro™ Jets
  • Double Illuminated Waterfall Feature
  • 3 Pump System
  • Multi-coloured LED Mood Lighting
  • Water purification CLEARRAY® Pro3Tech™ system
  • Bluetooth® Stereo System
  • Manufacturers Full Parts and Labour Warranty


  • Platinum


  • J500 Silverwood


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