Saunas and Steam for Home or Professional Use

Outdoor Living supply a wide range of saunas and steam room variations which are suitable for both installation into your home or professionally in a commercial premises, hotel or spa. 

Mood Saunas

The sauna has been reinvented for the hospitality sector with Mood. Mood is flexible with a choice of four different sizes and is suitable for corner, back to the wall or niche installation making it ideal for any private or shared relaxation area.   

Luxury finishes and innovative features have been designed to provide a complete experience of well-being whilst remaining easy to use and maintain. The hemlock construction has been carefully considered to provide a pleasant sauna experience and constant energy efficiency helping to reduce costs and ensuring the Mood becomes an asset to your business.

Sasha Range

The Sasha range integrates a luxury shower cabin, steam room and sauna designed for any space, style or functionality, from the largest to the smallest room, from a hotel leisure area to your home.

This all in one spa experience with Tepidarium, Hammam, and Caldarium technologies has been designed to expel toxins and strengthen the immune system. It is the perfect addition to any home or hotel offering you the relaxation you need after a long day. With ten possible combinations of steam shower cabins, steam showers and saunas you can have the spa experience without even leaving home.

The Sasha range also offers flexibility within each element; there are three choices of sauna to suit your needs - Finnish, Roman & Bio whilst the shower and steam room also offer different settings to give you more choice. Chromodream Lighting and Bluetooth technology are the finishing touches to make this the most relaxing of environments you could possible imagine.

Tylö Range

A sauna from Tylö is an investment in greater wellbeing that provides a guaranteed return, year after year. With that you’ll get a place that is just as good for spending time with your family and friends as it is for taking a break from everyday life on your own. Planning to include a sauna when building a new property or renovating an existing one is simple – there is usually enough space.