Tylö Panacea Steam Room

Tylö have designed the Panacea steam bath to suit most environments. With its austere lines and specially selected materials, Panacea creates a powerful and exclusive impression. The glazed sections and the doors merge seamlessly with attractive modern elements, ensuring a uniform and tasteful look. We also wanted to design and develop a steam bath that offered a flexible solution, with the modular system making it easy to install the steam bath in most spaces, irrespective of the room layout.

The city never sleeps. Like a throbbing heart, it is a continuously pulsating entity of light and sound. High above, almost hovering, she escapes to the privacy of her own dimension. The Panacea steam bath is a place where lights and sounds of daily life wither away. With Panacea she gets the space she needs without being removed from the metropolis she calls home.

In spite of its exclusive design, which incorporates only the best features and materials, the Panacea steam bath is extremely easy to assemble and install. Every detail of the design is well thought out, and the bath is supplied as prefabricated modules, ready for assembly and immediate use. No additional work is required on your part, for example, applying mosaic tiles to the interior or similar time-consuming tasks. Installing a Panacea steam bath from Tylö takes hours, not days.

A steam bath is the perfect relaxation therapy for all. The temperature is lower than in a classic sauna, which makes for a calming and gentle experience. The balmy 100 % humidity is a delightfully soothing way of ensuring that your body is pleasantly warmed through and relaxed, but still supple. Feel how much more flexible and mobile you become as your body is cleansed of toxins. Panacea envelops you in silky-smooth materials that are exquisitely tactile; combine that with versatile lighting options and you have an experience that offers complete seclusion and sublime tranquillity.

Panacea steam baths are unique, because they are designed based on a modular system, providing a high degree of flexibility and scope for modification and expansion. They are finished entirely in green-tinted and opaque glass and are resistant to wear and tear. The surfaces are easy to clean yet still feel comfortable against your skin. The opacity offers great variety in terms of tailored solutions for treatments such as chromotherapy, for instance. The outer walls of Panacea steam baths are made of stylish grey-tinted glass with decorative surrounds available in any colour you choose.

Please Note: 1309 and 1709 have an inbuilt steam generator. If you would like a Cast Tray these are £1,219.20 and £1,401.60 respectively.

Panacea steam baths from Tylö are available in four different standard designs. We have designed the interior of the steam room to be flexible and versatile, with benches, accessories and heaters positioned to make the best use of the available space, giving you every opportunity to stretch out, relax and let your thoughts wander.

If you have your own thoughts and ideas about how you would like your Panacea steam bath to be designed, the versatility of the materials we use allows us, in principle, to accommodate any specific wishes and requirements. The only limit is your imagination.