Tylö Space Vision Sauna Cabin

The Vision Sauna from Tylö is known for its appealing exterior that opens up to the world around. Inside you can enjoy contracting heat-treated aspen wood surroundings. Wide benches and ergonomically designed backrests ensure total rest, relaxation and an escape from the fast pased world outside.

The Vision sauna features an appealing exterior with vast expenses of tempered glass and heat-treated aspen. The Vision comes equiped with a frieze with integrated downlights, encircling the length of the sauna. Backlit and extra wide and comfrortable benches gives a soft and welcoming feel.

The Vision is equiped with either a 6.6kW Heater or a 8kW Heater. The Sense Pure heater is a fibre-coated outer shell in order to minimise the risk of burns. It is easy to clean, with a removable compartment for fragrant essences.

Bucket and Ladle.

Combined Hygrometer/Thermometer

Hourglass and Towel Hook