Filter HTF007064 - Arctic Pure Silver Sentinal


The HTS007064 Filter is suitable for: Arctic Spas, Coyote Spas and Monarch spas. The filter is imbedded with silver sentinel which means that it comes with the following features: less chemicals needed, no maintenance, Purifies for cleaner water, removes odours, removes chemical taste and filters to 1 micron.

This filter has no threads or handles and is a 'drop in' fit.

Do not use flocculants with this filter; they will shorten its life without providing any benefit for your spa water. Silver Sentinel filters are designed for a single use and last for 3-5 months. They should not be cleaned.

Measures: 35.5cm x 12.5cm

Top Hole: 5.5cm

Bottom Hole: 5.5cm