Hot Tub Cover Cap


The Hot Tub Cover Cap is made from a woven polyethylene which makes it both tough and durable. The cap helps to protect your cover from harsh weather, dirt and any debris. It is strong and designed to work in all climates with a waterproof layer. The Cover Cap is perfect for protecting your expensive insulated cover from things such as tree sap, ice and snow damage, harsh acid rains and intense sunlight.

The cap is provided in suitable sizes for either 7' Square Hot Tubs or 8' Square Hot Tubs. Please select your required size from the drop down options.

Please Note: This product is not a safety cover and is not for insulation purposes. It will not be a suitable replacement for a regular insulated hot tub cover however it will aid in prolonging the life of your regular insulated hot tub cover.

When using your hot tub, ensure that you remove the Cover Cap before you remove your regular hot tub cover. If you do not remove before hand this can result in stretching and damage through tearing of the Cover Cap.


7 Square Foot: 2.13m x 2.13m x 0.3m

8 Square Foot: 2.44m x 2.44m x 0.3m