Jacuzzi® Virginia Experience



  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Hot Tub Steps
  • Covers & Locks
  • Standard Delivery and Installation to your Electrical Supply and Base

Known for its impressive jet power, the J235™ offers 35 total jets, 12 of which are found in the coveted lounge seat. Five other seating positions include hydrotherapy options that can appeal to all in your family. Two powerful jet pumps provide the experience designed for you by the creator of the industry.

The new entry in the great Jacuzzi® universe, Virginia Experience is born from the successful fusion between the technical excellence of professional Spas and unequalled comfort that make of it a reference point in the world market.

Many are the details that make this a unique product: - the innovative entrance without access steps, makes the inside space remarkably larger and creates more room for socialising. - the shell can be built in and has been designed to adapt to any situation or need - ergonomic lounge for utmost relaxation - aromatherapy makes the most of olfactory sensations - stainless steel jet fi ttings for a more attractive design - two underwater lights - The special corners that can also be used as shelves are in TechStone, a technological material that reproduces the naturalness of stone and that is not only beautiful but also guarantees a very high quality new product that is innovative, sturdy and durable.

Please Note: The price shown is for standard Virginia Experience. Please contact us for a bespoke quote.

  • Seats 6/7 people with 1 Full Body Lounger
  • 257cm x 219cm x 98cm
  • 18 FX Stainless Steel Jets
  • 10 NX2 Stainless Steel Jets
  • 6 FX Large Stainless Steel Jets
  • 16 Stainless Steel Blower Jets
  • Automatic Water Refilling
  • 1 Pump and Filter Pump
  • Multi-coloured LED Mood Lighting
  • Spa Pack and Booster Kit
  • Aromatherapy
  • External Grid
  • Complete Drain
  • Single-phase Spa Pack with heater
  • Single-phase Spa Pack without heater
  • Three-phase Spa Pack with heater
  • Three-phase Spa Pack without heater
  • Single-phase Spa Pack with heat exchange
  • Three-phase Spa Pack with heat exchange
  • Ozone Generator
  • Compensation Tank (Standard or Lowered)

Professional Clean Water

The quartz sand filter provides superior filtration ideal for more frequent use. Filtered water flows back into the tub through the ground drainage point. This creates an underwater fountain effect from the bottom of the hot tub, but also means that particles are collected by the jets more effectively and directed back through the overflow to the filter constantly.

Professional Immersion

Since the water level reaches the physical rim of the hot tub, you can be sure of deep immersion in your favorite Jacuzzi® hot tub massage seat. No more cold shoulders!

Professional Massage

The jets included in a Professional hot tub are strategically placed for maximum hydromassage. They are all adjustable and differ in pressure and performance. The stainless steel covers add to the character and the blowers provide a continual champagne effect.

Professional Quiet Time

A wonderful benefit of using a Professional hot tub is that it is much quieter to run, as the working parts and the filtration processes can be positioned far from the hot tub. They can be separated to the hot tub by up to 6 meters. This allows you to enjoy your hydromassage to the fullest.

Professional Recycled Water

A distinctive feature of the Professional range, is the 15° angled overflow grid around the surface of the hot tub. It "collects" surface water, which overflows through the grid to a storage tank and filter. The cleaned water is then pumped back into the base of the hot tub and reused.