Outdoor Luxury Hot Tub



This hot tub is no longer available.

This hot tubs is no longer stocked, if you are intersted in this model it can still be special ordered. However, please be aware that depending on import charges the price of the hot tub may differ from the price shown online.

Contemporary Hot Tub with Sophistication and Style

The 35 adjustable jets on Outdoor Living's Luxury Hot Tub are positioned to massage the major muscle groups no matter which of the 6 ergonomically designed seat you choose to sit in. Add in it LED lighting and a relaxing waterfall - you won't want to get out.


Elegant Design | a high-quality design, crafted using high-quality workmanship to create an elegant design which adheres to the human body perfectly for maximum comfort.


Finishing Touches | Luxurious headrests and stainless steel jets all different sizes and groupings of jet styles performing in unison, each seat creating a different massage to the next.


Dynastar Multi-Coloured Lighting | Back-lit pillowfall and colour lights provide a wonderful night-time experience.

  • Seats 6
  • 213cm x 198cm x 89cm
  • 35 Stainless Steel Jets
  • Waterfall Features
  • 1 Pump System (13amp 'Plug & Play')
  • Multi-Coloured Lighting
  • Ozone Water Purification System
  • 1 Years Full Parts and Labour Warranty






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