Sundance® Spas 780 Series and Select Series Filter. Part No.6540-501S.


Approved Sundance® Spas 780 Series and Select Series Hot Tub Filter is a 75 sq ft filter suitable for the Constance, Victoria, Bahia, Caprio, Cayman, Metro, Palermo, Camden Certa, Chelsea, Hamilton, and Dover. 

This filter works in conjunction with the 6540-502S (HTFSDMC) which can be purchased separately.

This quality filter using Reemay has been tested and approved by Sundance® Spas for use in their branded Hot Tubs. The use of non-approved filters may void certain warranty claims.

Measures: 35.5cm x 21.4cm

Top Hole: 5.1cm

Bottom Hole: 6.4cm

Our Ref: HTF0180 | Pleatco: PSD85-2002 | Unicel: C-8380 | Filbur: FC-2725 | Darlly: 80601 | Sundance® Part No. 6540-501S.