Sundance® Spa | Hanover™ IP

Sundance® Spa | Hanover™ IP

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  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Hot Tub Steps
  • Covers & Locks
  • Standard Delivery and Installation to your Electrical Supply and Base

Seating six adults the Hanover™ hot tub from Sundance® Spas features a bench seat and a range of different massage combinations. Each seat has been highly-sculptured from a jetted seat and two high and low impage massage combinations. The Hanover™ Spa blends new teachnology with old-fashioned knowldge.

The Accu-Pressure™ therapy seat is perfect for muscle tension and when sitting in it, you will feel tention fade away as it features plenty of back coverage and a targeted neck relief system. The exclusive SMT™ seat give spiral-action in a hands-on massage experience to ease tension in the neck and back. Finally try the deep immersion seat where you will find swirling and rifling jets to deliver a similar experience to a deep tissur and trigger point massage.

Tech Spec


  • Platinum
  • Midnight


  • Coastal
  • Mahogany
  • Autumn Walnut


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