TidalFit EP-14 Swim Spa


The Premium EP-14 TidalFit Swim Spa is equipped with quad adjustable swim jets for a more powerful and steadier swim current.  The Premium EP-14 Swim Spa offers the pinacol of innovated technology to give the best performance in exercise and hydrotherapy out on the market today.

Optional Upgrades available on the EP-14

Swim System Upgrade | Variable flow swift water trainer (inc. 2x 2.5HP variable speed pumps, wifi, touch screen LCD with programmable swim options)

Hydrotherapy System | 38 helix jets, 3HP single speed pump, belagiofall water feature

Dynabrite LED Lighting | 12x 2" lights and 1x 5" light (illuminates bellagiofall, all multicolour LED)

Sanitisation Options | Ozone | Pro Pure Water Management Ozone System | Diamond AOP, water sanitation system

Wifi Options | Worldwise WIFI reviever (AAP)

Stereo Options | BBA fully integrated sound system, 4 speakers sub-woofer | Artesian music experience with bluetooth reciever (no remote) | AIS - Advanced integrated streaming (variable flow water trainer required) inc. 4x speakers; bluetooth, WIFI, app streaming, internet, radio & sub-woofer | Additional cabinet speakers x2

Aquatic Training Options | SwimPro stationary resistant swim tether | Rowing bars & resistant cord

Rock Cabinets | Rock cabinet is available on semi-in-ground only

Please note some upgrades are dependent on certain features, speak to a sales member for more information

Tech Spec
  • Shell: 427cm x 231cm x 132cm
  • Quad Adjustable Swim Jets
  • 28 Helix Hydrotherapy Jets (Optional)
  • Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer Swim 2x2.5HP Pumps (Optional)
  • Two 2hp single speed pumps
  • Titanium 3kW Heater
  • White Spa Lighting (Multicolour LED Lighting Optional)
  • Capacity: 6,360 liters (average fill)
  • 24 Hour Circulation Micro Filter + 50 Square Foot Filter
  • 2x 18" Front & Side Grab Rails
  • Available Semi-In-Ground Or Fully Above Ground
  • Full Foam ABS Base


Silver Marble




Charcoal Black