TidalFit EP-14 Swim Spa


The Premium EP-14 TidalFit Swim Spa is equipped with quad adjustable swim jets for a more powerful and steadier swim current.  The Premium EP-14 Swim Spa offers the pinacol of innovated technology to give the best performance in exercise and hydrotherapy out on the market today. 

  • Shell: 427cm x 231cm x 132cm
  • Quad Adjustable Swim Jets
  • 28 Helix Hydrotherapy Jets (Optional)
  • Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer Swim 2x2.5HP Pumps (Optional)
  • Two 2hp single speed pumps
  • Titanium 3kW Heater
  • White Spa Lighting (Multicolour LED Lighting Optional)
  • Capacity: 6,360 liters (average fill)
  • 24 Hour Circulation Micro Filter + 50 Square Foot Filter
  • 2x 18" Front & Side Grab Rails
  • Available Semi-In-Ground Or Fully Above Ground
  • Full Foam ABS Base

Optional Upgrades available on the EP-14

Swim System Upgrade

Variable flow swift water trainer (inc. 2x 2.5HP variable speed pumps, wifi, touch screen LCD with programmable swim options)

Hydrotherapy System

38 helix jets, 3HP single speed pump, belagiofall water feature

Dynabrite LED Lighting

12x 2" lights and 1x 5" light (illuminates bellagiofall, all multicolour LED)

Sanitisation Options


Pro Pure Water Management Ozone System

Diamond AOP, water sanitation system

Wifi Options

Worldwise WIFI reviever (AAP)

Stereo Options

BBA fully integrated sound system, 4 speakers sub-woofer

Artesian music experience with bluetooth reciever (no remote)

AIS - Advanced integrated streaming (variable flow water trainer required) inc. 4x speakers; bluetooth, WIFI, app streaming, internet, radio & sub-woofer

Additional cabinet speakers x2

Aquatic Training Options

SwimPro stationary resistant swim tether

Rowing bars & resistant cord

Rock Cabinets

Rock cabinet is available on semi-in-ground only

Please note some upgrades are dependent on certain features, speak to a sales member for more information


Silver Marble




Charcoal Black