Outdoor Living Become Official Sundance Dealers

Outdoor Living are pleased to announce that they are officially Sundance® Spa Dealers as of 1st March 2017. The Sundance® Brand is built on trust and commitment to excellence as they believe their customer relationships create the foundation to the Brand. Each Sundance® Dealer is carefully selected to ensure customers are enjoying the outstanding products and services the reputation Sundance® has earned over several decades.

Sundance® Spas believe you should do more of what matters to you. With over 35 years’ experience in crafting high-quality spas, they take pride in helping people spend time meaningfully. With Outdoor Living you can now start your Sundance® lifestyle today.

Paul (Joint Managing Director) saidGaining the Sundance® Dealership now gives our customers over 80 different hot tubs to choose from. Increasing the range of choice to 5 different brands. This means our customers have no need to look elsewhere, they can find everything they need with Outdoor Living.”

Sundance® craftsmanship means you can relax as your spa will have everything you need and nothing you don’t. Backed by personal experience, a solid reputation for reliability and the best dealer network, you can focus on distraction-free interactions with those that mean the most to you.

Darren (Leeds Showroom Manage) saidOur Leeds Showroom has always been a flagship showroom for the Jacuzzi® Brand. By introducing Sundance® Spas to our display, our customers have a wider choice and can see the different designs of various brands.”

Sundance® Spas aim to provide an environment where you can nurture relationships and enhance your life, bringing social circles together and couples and families closer.

Quality Water Care | Every hot tub owner knows that water care is a reality, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Through the perfect combination of elements, Sundance® water care program helps you focus on the way you and your family feel when you use a Sundance® Spa.

Covers | Your first line of defense in water care. From basic vinyl to premium Sunstrong® covers, Sundance® genuine spa covers improve energy efficiency and keep water cleaner.

Key Sundance® water care features include:

  • SunPurity™ PLUS | Boost system performance and provides a full system clean.
  • ClearRay® Technology | Cleanses water with the power of nature-inspired UV.
  • Water Chemicals | Supports the proper foundation for balanced water
  • MicroClean® Filtration | SlipStream™ Skimmer and superior horizontal filter orientation for more coverage to ensure clear water to the finest particle.
  • SunPurity™ Minerals | Conditions water with minerals to keep it fresh

Visit our Leeds Showroom to see Sundance® Spas on display or view online.

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