3 to 4 Person Hot Tubs

4 person hot tubs for smaller families & gardens

Frequently asked questions about 4 person hot tubs

  • What size hot tub is best for a family of 4?

      Our perfectly sized hot tubs comfortably seat 3 or 4 people. Three to four person spas are ideal for families or having a couple of friends over for a hot tub party in your garden. The size of the average 4 person hot tub depends on the make and model, but you can expect them to hold approximately 1200 litres.

  • Is a 4 person hot tub too small?

      If you plan on inviting a few friends for a dip, or are a family of four, a 4 person hot tub will be ideal. These tubs are large enough to lounge in comfort, while compact enough to fit in most gardens or patios. If you're searching for a larger spa, 6 person hot tubs and even 8 seater tubs are readily available, you can browse our extensive hot tub range here

  • Is it cheaper to run smaller hot tubs?

      The lower the number of litres your hot tubs holds, the less energy it takes to heat the water. You'll also need less chemicals to keep your water chemistry balanced. A good rule of thumb is to choose a hot tub that has approximately 200-250 litres of water per bather. If you're conscious about energy bills, consider an air source heat pump, you can find more about hot tub running costs in our guide.

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