Hot Tub Flow & Pressure Switches

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Within your hot tub there will be a pressure switch or flow switch which monitors how the hot tub operates. The pressure and flow switches within the hot tub are a form of safety device which will turn off the heater if the water flow is interrupted. These parts are closed during the normal operation of a spa and will quickly open if a pump fails or an air pocket forms within the hot tub. This function is a security feature to prevent a meltdown of the heater in the event of an equipment failure. If you can't find what you're looking for, please email us at It may be necessary to provide the details/model number of your spa, and/or you may be asked to email a photograph of the part you are looking for, to assist in identifying a replacement. Get next working day delivery if you order before 3pm, plus free delivery on orders over £50! 

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