Ice Baths

Enjoy invigorating cold water therapy with a hassle-free ice bath and chiller

Frequently asked questions about ice baths

  • Is an ice bath good for you?
      Ice baths offer a range of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. Cold water immersion stimulates the nervous system which can help with reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, decreasing stress levels, improving focus, and speeding up your recovery after a workout. Make sure that you consult your doctor before using an ice tub, especially if you are pregnant or have health concerns. Find out more in our cold water therapy guide.
  • What is a chill tub?
      Chill tubs are ice baths that offer the benefits of cold water therapy in the convenience of your own garden. Our chill tubs keep water icy cold so you can experience cold immersion that helps to improve physical health and mental wellbeing.
  • What is chilly goat?
      Chilly GOAT cold tubs merge sophisticated design with the practicality of an ice bath, that easily fits into your daily routine. With thoughtfully crafted design, you can enjoy unparalleled comfort and superior performance in every session. Recover faster, support your immune system, relieve inflammation, and more.
  • How does a Chill Tub compare to a DIY ice bath?
      Although DIY ice barrels have minimal upfront costs, repeated ice purchases will soon start adding up! Chill Tubs come with built-in chillers, providing the convenience of the water being chilled when you hop in, no matter the weather, as well as temperature control down to -3c at your finger tips. You'll also enjoy crystal clear waters with built-in filtration and Ozone sanitisation systems. If you're serious about your wellness routine, you can guarantee it'll last for many years, with the latest tech and expert support on hand. Learn more in our ice bath buying guide.
  • How do I set up my ice tub?
      Put a garden hose into your ice bath, it'll take around 45 minutes to fill. Plug your ice tub into a 13amp plug socket and set your desired temperature on the control panel. You'll be able to start using your new ice bath within a few hours! We recommend you empty your water every 8-12 weeks and repeat the first 3 steps. Learn more in our ice bath set up guide.
  • How long should I go in my ice bath?
      We recommend you work up to 15 minutes without pushing your body beyond its limits - even 2 minutes will have some benefits. We advise you to consult your healthcare professional before using an ice tub. Learn more in our cold water therapy safety guide.
  • How do I clean my ice bath?
      To keep your ice bath's water crystal clear, use a sanitiser tablet twice per week, or more if you use your ice bath often. The use of any hot tub/multi functional tablets is prohibited in Chill Tubs and will invalidate your warranty, as this may cause problems with the stainless steel structure. Clean your filter once a month for sparkling fresh water. Learn more in our ice bath cleaning guide.
  • How often do I replace the filter in my ice tub?

      Your filter should be changed every 3 months.

  • How often do I replace the water in my ice tub?

      Replace the water in your Chill Tub every 2 to 3 months, depending on how often you use it, and visible water quality. If you use your ice bath reguarly or don't sanitise it effectively, you'll need to refresh the water more often. Drain and re-fill your ice bath for fresh water.

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