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Frequently asked questions about Jacuzzi chemicals

  • What chemicals do I put in my Jacuzzi?
  • Can I use a Jacuzzi without chemicals?

      No, your Jacuzzi needs chemicals to keep you safe and the water clean. Without using chemicals, you could be putting your health at risk from bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Not only that, build up from scale and dirt damages your spa, shortening its lifespan and costing you more in the long run.

  • Can you put chlorine in a Jacuzzi tub?

      Yes, chlorine is a very effective sanitiser and suitable for Jacuzzi hot tubs. We only supply the highest quality Jacuzzi chlorine for your hot tub or swim spa. Inferior chemicals are not of a suitable quality for Jacuzzi spas, instead being designed for large volumes of water and the lower temperatures of swimming pools.

  • How often do you put chlorine in a Jacuzzi?

      Aim to maintain a chlorine level of 3 to 5mg/l at all times in your Jacuzzi. How frequently you add more chlorine will depend on your usage and bathing habits. It could be daily, every two to three days or weekly. For 1mg/l, add 2g per 1000 litres.

  • What if I need more advice on Jacuzzi chemicals?
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