Jacuzzi® J-200 Series Hot Tubs

The classic range - affordable hot tubs with Jacuzzi® quality you can trust

Why choose a Jacuzzi J200?

  • Clearest Water 2 Stage Filtration
  • Hydrotherapy Jets Hydromassage
  • Energy-Efficient Multicoloured Lighting
  • Innovation Easy to Use Controls
  • Smart Tech Spacious & Open Seating

Frequently asked questions about Jacuzzi J200 hot tubs

  • Is Jacuzzi 200 series good?

      Jacuzzi® J-200 hot tubs are Jacuzzi's entry level range and an economical investment, boasting ergonomic jet placement, a two–stage water treatment system, multi-coloured lighting and cup holders. These hot tubs also include the standard Jacuzzi ClearRAY® Water Purification System, which uses UV-C technology to instantly give you clean, clear water, as well as reducing the amount of sanitiser you need to use. Find out more in our guide to the difference between a Jacuzzi® and a hot tub.

  • How big is the water capacity of the Jacuzzi J 200?

      The capacity of Jacuzzi's J200 range is between 240 and 294 imperial gallons, depending on the size of Jacuzzi tub you go for. Perfect for couples or a fee friends to relax in.

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