Hot Tub Gazebos & Pergolas

Hot tub shelters, enclosures, canopies, pergodas & garden gazebos

Frequently asked questions about gazebos for hot tubs

  • What if I can't find the hot tub shelter I'm looking for?

      We have a bespoke gazebo with canopy as well as customisable enclosures including pergolas with roofs, but if you can't find the type of hot tub gazebo you need, just get in touch. We can find you the perfect gazebo for your hot tub or swim spa. If you are looking to purchase a hot tub and enclosure together, our sales team can create a bespoke package with any of our gazebos for hot tubs. Not sure what you need? Our team will be happy to help.

  • What can I use as a shelter for my hot tub?

      Garden gazebos are an ideal choice for a hot tub shelter. A wooden gazebo will blend in seamlessly into your garden, providing an open feel. Along with a cover, these gazebos protect your tub from the elements. Any form of hot tub enclosure, whether a canopy, roofed pergola or built-in enclosure will enhance your hot tub haven!

      If you're looking for temporary shelter on sunny days, then a garden parasol could be a good choice. For more advice on hot tub shelters and lazyspa canopies, read our hot tub privacy guide.

  • Should I put a gazebo over my hot tub?

      Hot tub gazebos create privacy from nosy neighbours while you soak in your hot tub! Not only that, they protect your spa from wind, rain and direct sunlight, securing your investment for years to come. Choose a hot tub shelter with roof or gazebo with sides for extra protection.

  • Can I put a canopy over a hot tub?

      Yes! Canopies are small gazebos which are perfect for protecting your hot tub from rain, UV rays and add an extra layer of privacy while you relax in your spa.

  • What is a pergola?

      A pergola is a wooden or metal frame typically found in gardens and parks, with either an sliding or louvred roof, providing a defined yet open space. Garden pergolas are often used for outdoor decoration in gardens, creating a shaded area while allowing airflow and some sunlight to filter through.

  • What's the difference between a pergola and a pergoda?

      Easily confused, a pergola is an outdoor structure that features a sliding or louvred roof, whereas a pergoda has a solid roof with fixed slats. Pergolas provide more flexibility in weather protection and privacy.

  • What's the difference between a pergola and a gazebo?

      Unlike traditional gazebos with fully covered roofs, pergolas have sliding or louvred roofs, allowing you to control the level of privacy, letting you soak in peace without feeling stuffy or closed in.

  • Should a hot tub be in sun or shade?

      Continuous exposure to the sun can damage your spa’s appearance over time. Jacuzzi gazebos and lazy spa gazebos give you flexibility in placing a hot tub in your garden or outdoor space. If you don’t have many natural shady spots, a hot tub enclosure will protect your tub and your family from direct sunlight.

      For more advice on sheltering your spa from weather, read our protecting your hot tub from the elements guide.

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