Hot Tub Shock Treatments

Chlorine & non-chlorine shock granules for crystal clear water

Frequently asked questions about hot tub shock treatments

  • What is hot tub shock?

      Hot tub shock is a higher than usual dose of oxidiser chemicals, it's also known as oxidising.

  • What is oxidation?

      Oxidation is different to sanitisation. Sanitisers, like chlorine or bromine, will disinfect the water by killing bacteria and harmful organisms like algae, whereas oxidisers break down contaminants such as oils and sweat for clearer water.

  • What is chlorine shock?

      Chlorine shock is a larger quantity of chlorine that you add to your hot tub water in order to get clearer water. It's perfect for helping with oils, lotions and sweat, as well as sanitising the water by killing bacteria. If you use bromine sanitiser, you can't use chlorine shock.

  • What is non-chlorine shock?

      Non chlorine shock doesn't contain chlorine so it won't actually sanitise the water. However, it does help your regular sanitiser - both chlorine and bromine - to work more effectively by oxidising the water, as well as being odourless. This type of shock still helps eliminates oils and organic compounds in your spa's water.

  • Will non-chlorine shock granules affect chlorine/bromine levels?

      No, it actually boosts levels. When these granules are added to water with a build-up of chloramines, they revert to chlorine. As does bromine, which renews once oxidised (or shocked).

  • Why do I need to shock my hot tub?

      Shocking your hot tub as part of a regular routine will help keep your water clean, clear and safe. If your hot tub or swim spa water has become cloudy or started to smell, then it might be time to shock your spa. Shock treatments will breaks down contaminants such as oils, lotions, sweat and other compounds.

  • My hot tub's water has become cloudy; will shocking it help?

      Yes, it'll restore the water and make it crystal clear.

  • How long after shocking a hot tub can you test the water?

      All brands of chlorine shock give different recommendations, ranging from 20 minutes to 24 hours. However, before donning your swimsuit and stepping inside, we suggest using a test strip to ensure your chlorine levels are safe. Non-chlorine shock treatments don't sanitise the water, so you can usually use your hot tub after approximately 20 minutes of adding the chemical.

  • What if I need more advice on shocking my hot tub?
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