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Frequently asked questions about hot tub accessories

  • What accessories do I need for my hot tub?
  • What do I wear inside a hot tub?

      We recommend having a swimsuit solely for soaking in your spa. Choose one that’s made from durable fabrics so it can handle hot tub chemicals. Make sure you rinse your swimsuit before and after using your hot tub and then leave it up to dry, the hot tub sanitiser will do the job of your washing machine! To make getting in and out of your spa more comfortable, treat yourself to a bathrobe.

  • What should I not put in a hot tub?

      For safety reasons, do not use glass in your spa, choose hot tub friendly plastic glasses instead. Electronics should also be kept well away, so if you’re planning on hot tub parties, it’s best to consider a hot tub with stereo and Bluetooth, or battery operated toys. Make sure you rinse off any oils, lotions and sun tan cream before taking a dip, as this will build up in your spa over time. Avoid bubble bath as this will muddy your hot tub’s water, opt for soothing hot tub aromatherapy instead. Lastly, rinse your swim suit before using your spa - there’s no need to put it in the wash, your hot tub’s sanitiser will keep it clean while you soak.

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