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Frequently asked questions about hot tub heaters

  • What if I can't find the hot tub heater I'm looking for?

      If you can't find the heater for your hot tub, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help!

  • What is the most efficient way to heat a hot tub?

      Air source heat pumps are the most energy-efficient way to heat your hot tub. They use renewable energy and are a sustainable alternative to traditional heating systems, providing up to three times more warmth.

  • What part of a hot tub uses the most electricity?

      Your hot tub's heater uses the largest amount of energy. The larger your tub, the more energy your heater uses to keep your spa's water at a comfortable temperature. If you're looking to reduce the energy bills of your hot tub, consider an air source heat pump, which can save you up to 50% a year.

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