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Frequently asked questions about Jacuzzi covers

  • Should I cover my Jacuzzi?

      Jacuzzi hot tub covers protects your investment for longer. A cover will keep your Jacuzzi® sheltered from weather, including fallen leaves, branches and insects! Thermal hot tub covers also keep the water temperature up, saving you money in reheating. ProLast™ hot tub covers are engineered for durability from superior material, being 25% lighter than standard covers. Each spa cover has been customised to perfectly fit your Jacuzzi tub, increasing energy efficiency and maintain clearer water for longer.

      For more advice, read our guide on protecting your hot tub from the elements.

  • How long do Jacuzzi covers last?

      Jacuzzi ProLast covers can last up to 5 years if cared for properly. Ensure you clean and take care of it. A hot tub gazebo or garden parasol will not only protect your Jacuzzi, but your cover as well. Quality Jacuzzi covers won’t need to be replaced as often as cheap ones, which can only last a few years. Premium ProLast covers are tested for reliability under extreme weather conditions, with marine-grade material that’s UV resistant and water repellent come sun, snow or rain! Your cover, hot tub and investment will ProLast™ for longer.

      To keep your cover safe while you're using your tub, consider a cover catch, shelf or cover lifter. Make sure you keep snow and ice from collecting on the top of your thermal cover by gently removing it. If a storm is on its way, consider making your cover extra secure by getting cover straps, locks and cover clips - the last thing you need is your brand new cover blowing away! Get advice about when to replace your Jacuzzi cover in our guide.

  • How do you clean Jacuzzi hot tub covers?

      Move over moss, mould and mildew, there is no room for that when enjoying your Jacuzzi®! Give your Jacuzzi hot tub cover a thorough cleaning every three to four months to prevent it from going brittle. Use cover cleaning sprays and a soft sponge to clear any dirt to prevent any muck from sticking to the residue. If you're short on time, cover cleaning wipes are handy to have around. Rinse with water to ensure the cover is free from products and try to dry it thoroughly.

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