Hot Tub Filter & Pipe Cleaner

Keep your pipework & hot tub filters clean with our powders, tablets & liquids

Frequently asked questions about hot tub filter and pipe cleaner

  • Do I need to clean my hot tub filters?

      Keeping your hot tub clean is important for the health of your family and your tub. Filters keep your water clear while clean pipework makes your spa spotless inside and out. Our filter and pipe cleaning products make cleaning hassle-free.

  • How often should I clean my hot tub filters?

      We recommend rinsing your hot tub filters once a week and giving them a full clean every 4-6 weeks. This will ensure dirt, debris and pollutants are cleared quickly and effectively and will extend the life of your filter. A clean hot tub filter gives you more accurate results when testing the chemicals, meaning you could save money.

  • How long should filter cleaning powder last?

      A 500g tub of filter cleaning powder will last you for 5 cleaning sessions, or approximately half a year if used every 4-6 weeks.

  • How do I clean my hot tub pipes?

      To flush out your hot tub's pipes, wash them with a specialist pipe cleaner, such as Swirl Away and Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Pipe Cleaner. This will remove any dirt, bacteria or build-up from your pipes. Then, once you've finished, drain the water. We recommend cleaning your hot tub pipes at least once a year.

  • How do you clean a Lay-Z-Spa pipe?

      Use a specialist pipe cleaner to flush out all the dirt, bacteria or build-up from your Lay-Z-Spa's pipes. To start, remove your filters, turn your jets on full and pour the recommended amount of pipe cleaner into your tub's filter housing. We recommend cleaning your Lay-Z-Spa's pipes at least once a year.

  • What if I need more advice on cleaning my hot tub filter?
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