Jacuzzi® Hot Tub ClearRay™, UV & Balboa Ozone

Sanitising your hot tub water is always paramount for the safety of bathers. Therefore, ensuring that your system is running correctly is always important. Some hot tubs do not have an additional bacteria killers and rely solely on chemicals. Other hot tubs can have a range of systems from the Jacuzzi® ClearRay™ to the widely used Ozone.

All systems are gentle to the skin and eyes and are pH neutral yet still work to oxidise and sanitise your hot tub water. ClearRay™ systems have a UV bulb which needs replacing every 12 months and Ozone systems have a UV light or corona discharge which needs replacing every 18 months.

For help locating the ClearRay™, UV or Ozone part you are looking for please email a photo to with as much information as possible on your make and model of hot tub and someone will be in touch to help.