Hot Tub Water Testing

Water test strips & kits for spas & pools

Frequently asked questions about hot tub water testing

  • How often should I test my hot tub water?

      We recommend you test your hot tub water daily whether your spa is in use or not. Water balance is the key to hot tub water care and is affected by heat, sunlight, number of bathers, frequency of use, volume of water, condition of filters, body creams and hard or soft water areas.

  • What should hot tub water be tested for?

      Test your hot tub’s water for sanitiser levels - whether that’s chlorine, bromine or oxygen - along with pH and total alkalinity. This then allows you to make any chemical adjustments that may be required.

  • What is the best way to test hot tub water?

      For quick and accurate detection, we recommend using test strips to check the levels of your water. Always check the expiry date on the container to ensure an accurate water test reading.

  • How long after shocking a hot tub can you test the water?

      All brands of chlorine shock give different recommendations, ranging from 20 minutes to 24 hours. However, before donning your swimsuit and stepping inside, we suggest using a test strip to ensure your chlorine levels are safe. Non-chlorine shock treatments don't sanitise the water, so you can usually use your hot tub after approximately 20 minutes of adding the chemical.

  • What if I need more advice on testing my hot tub water?
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